‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Earns $71.1 Million Worldwide, Opens Huge In Japan

Resident Evil: Retribution has earned $71.1 million in worldwide box office returns during its debut weekend. As we reported earlier today, the movie took first place at the US box office with $21 million earned. The movie’s most impressive feat, however, was its ability to hold strong at locations around the world.

The movie opened in Japan with $10.3 million in box office, the largest opening for a Hollywood film this year in Japan and the country’s second biggest weekend box office hit when placed against the Japanese film industry.

Putting the Japanese release of the movie in comparison, The Dark Knight Rises earned half that total and The Avengers earned 61 percent less money in Japan during its opening weekend.

The big opening in Japan was also 15 percent larger than Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Resident Evil: Retribution also proved to be a hit in Russian where it neared 20 percent more than the last movie in the series, closing the weekend out with $8.5 million in box office sales.

In Taiwan, the movie’s $4.4 million takes was enough for the 4th best of all-time.

Here is a list of the top countries where Resident Evil: Retribution has earned some impressive numbers, even in smaller markets:

Russia: $8.5 million (20percent more than Afterlife)
Brazil: $3.5 million
Korea: $2.4 million (25 percent less than Afterlife)
Malaysia: $2.1 million (67 percent more than Afterlife)
Indonesia: $1.9 million (five times Afterlife)
Thailand: $1.8 million
Philippines: $1.6 million
Australia: $1.5 million (23 percent less than Afterlife)
Hong Kong: $1.4 million (67percent more than Afterlife)
Colombia: $1.0 million
Venezuela: $975k
Peru: $730k
Ukraine: $690k
Turkey: $550k
Central America: $430k
Chile: $425k
Ecuador: $370k
Bolivia: $130k