WWE Rumors: Cesaro, Heath Slater Start Post-WWE Draft Angles

The WWE is running a couple of very interesting insider angles following this week’s WWE Draft. There are two superstars who are making some interesting comments that put them in interesting spots coming out of the WWE Draft. The first is Cesaro, who made it clear he was not happy with the WWE following the WWE Draft, and the other is Heath Slater, who the WWE website reported called himself the “hottest free agent” after Slater went undrafted.

Starting off with Heath Slater, the WWE posted a video of Slater sitting by himself in the empty locker room after the WWE Draft, the only person left in the room who was not drafted to either Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. While it seemed cold, the WWE would not have posted the Slater video if they didn’t have something planned for Heath.

Furthermore, the WWE website posted a story about what could be next for Heath Slater, which also proves that this is all an angle. When asked about Slater’s future, the WWE website reported that Heath has called Gabe Sapolsky about a spot at Evolve and William Regal about opportunities in Europe.

The Evolve angle could be great for Heath Slater, as he could wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world and prove he is more than just comedy relief, as the WWE has turned him into over the past few years. Heath has proven that he can run with just about any angle the WWE gives him, and Slater is an important hand, so a trip to Evolve could work wonders to rebuild the Heath Slater brand.


Heath Slater could also possibly show up on WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live and sit in the front row after the WWE Draft, advertising himself as the hottest free agent on the market. It is a delusional storyline that Slater could do a lot with.

The second wrestler who came out of the WWE Draft with a new storyline is Cesaro. For the first time in a long time, Cesaro was allowed a long interview where he talked about where he was drafted in the WWE Draft, which was WWE Monday Night Raw. Cesaro was not happy.

Cesaro said he was not happy to be drafted 17th in the sixth round of the WWE Draft. Cesaro also made it clear that he wasn’t happy to be drafted to WWE Monday Night Raw since Smackdown Live is where the in-ring wrestling is supposed to matter the most.

Cesaro then surprised fans by tearing into the WWE for putting all the focus of the WWE Draft on the general managers and McMahon siblings and not on the wrestlers, which he said is the problem with the WWE now. Cesaro said he doesn’t usually talk much, but he does his talking in the ring and will use his platform on WWE Monday Night Raw to do so.


What was even better was when Jojo asked Cesaro how he thought Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley would coexist on WWE Monday Night Raw. He said that he didn’t care and that was the biggest problem with the WWE right now.

While fans assumed this was Cesaro just letting out all his frustrations and that a “future endeavors” announcement would come soon, the WWE posted the interview video on their YouTube page and that pretty much proves that the entire segment was planned out in advance with the WWE’s okay.

The WWE has a lot of new storylines they can start booking with the WWE Draft in the books. While there will be some old ones continuing on, such as Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns and John Cena vs. AJ Styles, the creation of these new angles with Cesaro and Heath Slater were great creations from the WWE Draft.

[Image via WWE]