Infant Daycare Death Ruled As Homicide Due To High Levels Of Benadryl In Blood

An infant’s daycare death has been ruled as murder due to the high levels of Benadryl found in the baby’s blood. Toxicology reports show that the infant died from acute diphenhydramine intoxication, according to ABC News. Diphenhydramine, the generic name for the over-the-counter allergy medicine Benadryl. The infant, 4-month-old Adam Seagull, of Shelton, died in an unlicensed home daycare in Connecticut. His death was originally ruled as an accident from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (SIDS), says a report from Fox News.

Infant death ruled as homicide due to high levels of Benadryl in blood
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Chris Lyddy, deputy police chief, says they hadn’t seen any signs of trauma in the infant and he hadn’t been sick or injured. As of this date, there haven’t been any criminal charges filed, but the investigation, he says, is ongoing.

Now that medical examiners have found the high levels of Benadryl, investigators are trying to determine if the homicidal over-dose was accidental or intentional. Deputy Chief Lyddy says that in addition to continuing to investigate the infant’s death, they will also pursue possible criminal charges against the day care. According to Lyddy, the daycare has been in operation in the home of Carol Cardillo for 11 years. No arrests have been made by Fairfield police at this time, but Lyddy says they are still investigating the case.

“We have not been able to rule out anybody.”

Little Adam Seagull, the son of Matthew and Michelle (Vasaturo) Seagull, died on March 22. He was born in November of last year. His family called him their “little prince,” “tootie muffin” and “little man.” His mother called him “mama’s sweet boy,” according to his obituary.

“His infectious smile brought immediate joy to everyone who had the privilege of experiencing it. As he would look at you with his beautiful brown eyes, your heart became bigger and fuller with love.”

Sadly, Adam’s death was originally thought to be a case of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and only ruled a homicide after toxicology results showed excessive levels of Benadryl. Lyddy has said the Benadryl overdose that resulted in his death could have been an accident, but that it could also have been the result of negligence. If so, he says, it could definitely result in criminal charges. Carol Cardillo’s unlicensed in-home daycare has since been closed, according to a report in the Fairfield Daily Voice.

Infant death ruled as homicide due to high levels of Benadryl in blood
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Diphenhydramine, the generic name for Benadryl, is an antihistamine used to treat moderate to severe cold symptoms in adults. Another frequent use for Benadryl is to help minimize allergic reactions in either children or adults. There are also children’s forms of the medication that are also available over-the-counter. It’s available in pediatric doses in several forms, such as Ready-Tabs, liquid, and chewables. Although labeling is available on the packaging for smaller children, it is recommended that parents seek the advice of their child’s pediatrician before administering, especially in the case of infants, who are the most vulnerable to potential overdose. The FDA warns against administering to infants under two years of age without a doctor’s supervision. Due to their low weight they are at increased risk of overdosing. One of the main side-effects of the medication is drowsiness and has been known to be given to some children and infants as a way of causing them to fall asleep in order to allow parents to have a break from the infant’s crying. In this case, it is the daycare operator who may be the target of the investigation, although police maintain that no one has been ruled out at this point.

Just last month, The Inquisitr reported on a case where an Ohio babysitter was charged with murder after she gave a fatal dose of Benadryl to an infant in her care. Haddix Mulkey, 8 months old, was being cared for by a woman who was an unlicensed childcare provider. She was reportedly caring for seven other children that same day and gave little Haddix a lethal dose of Benadryl.

In the case of Adam Seagull, officials in Fairfield have now ruled the infant’s death as homicide due to the high levels of Benadryl in his blood, but charges are pending the outcome of the investigation.

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