Netflix Creates Flixtape For Users, Allows For Shared Playlists [Video]

Netflix always seems to be on the cutting edge of technology and enhancing the user experience. It might even be noteworthy to say that Netflix is to streaming as Apple was to the emergence of personal computers. So what does a company like Netflix do when they want to stay on the cutting edge of this technology market? Well, they create a mixed tape service, Flixtape, much like people did way back in the 1980s with audio cassettes.

It is no surprise to Netflix subscribers to see something like Flixtape appear. Ever since the dawn of on-demand streaming video services, they have consistently offered their customers more and more options for their user experience. In the streaming video market, they were the first to allow for subscription-based video-style buffets that were charged on a monthly basis.

Even when Netflix first started allowing for streaming video buffets, they had quite a selection in the beginning that allowed for their subscribers to watch content while they were waiting on their DVDs to arrive in the mail every other day. This gave them quite a bit of leverage over Blockbusters DVD subscriber service, which only offered the DVD mail service. But Blockbuster also offered in-store returns and allowed for subscribers to check out a movie while they were waiting for the next DVD to arrive in the mail. It is safe to assume that Netflix won that race in the subscription video market.

But once Netflix had forced Blockbuster to the brink of extinction, there came another service that decided to go head to head with them in the streaming market, which was Amazon, who also offered subscription-based video buffets to their subscribers.

With the onslaught of enhanced user experiences from Amazon, Netflix is taking their own innovation to the next level with Flixtape. The name for this Netflix service really is much like it sounds. It’s a mixed tape, only for Netflix’s online video buffet. It is similar to what YouTube offers for free via their online users’ video playlists, but this has its own set of rules and allows for its users to share their mixed tapes, or rather “flixed” tapes, in the form of playlists, according to IndieWire.

With the new Netflix service Flixtape, it really does seem simple to use and make your own so you can share in the experience with others. You can also take part in other people’s playlists on Flixtape and join them on their favorite selections.

The basic concept for Flixtape is to create a playlist using a title. First, you add a name for your playlist, then Netflix adds titles to it that seem to be a fit for what you like. You then have the option to replace those titles that Netflix added for you and you can add up to six more of your own titles.

Netflix actually made a short video for you to learn how to use the Flixtape service.

There is one thing to note here for this new Netflix service. Flixtape only allows for six titles to be added to your playlist at a time. This differs from that of YouTube, which allows for an extensive list of videos to be added at anytime.

But what might set Netflix in the winner’s circle for this innovative service is the ability to use it for social media purposes. It can be shared and users can even go online and watch the same title, then discuss later that day or the next week. This also seems to be a trend with many people who use Netflix and social media for purposes of having a group viewing session from their own homes.

[Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for Netflix]