Trevor Noah Doubles Down On GOP, Donald Trump, And The Republican National Convention

Trevor Noah’s ratings may be relatively low, but it hasn’t stopped him from bashing Donald Trump and the GOP in the wake of the Republican National Convention. On Tuesday night, Mr. Noah entered the Daily Show stage and joked that even though some will accuse his entrance of plagiarism, it represents his true feelings and experiences of being in Cleveland.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show' Trevor Noah is having a good time lampooning the Republican National Convention. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]“Last night the Republicans put on a three hour prime time show called Foreigners Are Coming to Kill You,” Noah gleefully continued as many in the audience laughed. Then, Noah handed the show over to correspondent Jordan Klepper.

“As far as the Republicans fear mongering, I’m not buying it,” Klepper laughed, before noting that we are about to hand the country over to an ‘Oompa Loompa‘ who bankrupts everything he touches.”

On Wednesday evening, Noah furthered his dialogue against the Republican National Convention by telling his audience that the theme was supposed to be “Make America Work Again,” but instead became “Make America Hate Again.”

“Leading the charge was Chris Christie. Now, he’s an experienced politician and a two-term governor of New Jersey. But instead of creating any new job measures last night, he chose instead to deliver a kangaroo court aimed at Hillary Clinton,” Noah said, before playing a video of Christie’s character assassination of Clinton.

Noah believes Christie was upset about not being chosen as Trump’s vice presidential candidate, so he decided to make a spectacle of himself on stage in order to show Trump what a mistake he made. The audience really ate up this segment.

Right before heading to the convention, Trevor Noah talked to Matt Wilstein of the Daily Beast about the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.

Trevor Noah Cleveland
Trevor Noah fears a Donald Trump presidency. [Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]

“I do know that if Donald Trump becomes president, A) I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay here, and B) I don’t know what the new laws or rules will become. I mean, this is the same man who says he wants to open up the libel laws, change them so that people like you and me can be sued if he feels that what we’re saying about him is damaging—even if it’s based in fact. So we don’t know where we’ll be.”

In the same interview, Noah notes that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she’ll be rocked with a huge scandal in the middle of her term. However, he does refer to her as a “solid politician.”

The Republican National Convention has helped Trevor Noah and the Daily Show improve ratings from last week. On Wednesday, Noah attracted about 880,000 viewers, while attracting over a million viewers on Tuesday night. On Monday night, Trevor Noah came close to pulling in 1.1 million viewers, and this became his biggest ratings night since he began his show last September.

Still, a lot of people on Twitter just don’t think Trevor Noah is funny.


One of the major criticisms against Trevor Noah is that although he is good at standup comedy, those talents aren’t transferring to his hosting job of The Daily Show. Many say his delivery is stilted and contrived, while others say he talks too fast and is too nervous. Some need to remember that it took Jon Stewart about a year to find himself and his audience on The Daily Show, so Trevor Noah could still make an impact. It will be interesting to see if Comedy Central gives Noah a chance next season.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]