Elon Musk Unveils 4-Point Plan To Save The World With Tesla Technology

Elon Musk released the second part of his master plan for Tesla this week with a four-point bulletin that reads like a plan to save the world using sustainable energy in a blog post titled "Master Plan, Part Deux."

Musk outlined four goals for Tesla: deliver solar power to the masses, produce cheap electric vehicles for everyman including heavy duty trucks, make all Tesla's self driving, and build a car sharing service to rival Uber.

He also intends to replace the fossil fuel economy with sustainable energy in an effort to save the world, Musk wrote on Tesla's official blog.

"We must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy or we will run out of fossil fuels to burn and civilization will collapse."

As part of his bold announcement, Musk said he intended to merge Tesla and SolarCity into one company as part of an effort to provide cheap solar power to households across America, according to the announcement.

"That they are separate at all, despite similar origins and pursuit of the same overarching goal of sustainable energy, is largely an accident of history."
He also announced plans to build a low-cost Tesla-semi truck, a new compact SUV, a pickup truck, and a large density people transporter that could replace traditional buses, which should be ready for unveiling next year. Musk also plans to make all Tesla vehicles self-driving, despite federal safety regulations, he wrote in Tesla's official blog.
"When used correctly, it is already significantly safer than a person driving by themselves and it would therefore be morally reprehensible to delay release."
The Tesla CEO did note that there would be a time delay in the production of self-driving vehicles as he would need to wait for regulators to catch up to technology. Tesla's Autopilot system is currently the focus of a government investigation as both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Transportation Board study its emergency braking feature.
Along with producing cheap self-driving Teslas, Musk plans to introduce a car sharing plan to rival Uber. Tesla owners would simply agree to make their car available for ride-sharing and the self-driving car could drive itself around and pick up passengers as a way to make money for its owner while they're not using it.

Tesla's investors weren't all that pleased with Musk's ambitious master plan, and their surprise at his announcement registered as the company's stock fell almost 3 percent the day after his announcement, as industry analyst Jessica Caldwell told the USA Today.

"If Part One of Elon Musk's master plan was like putting a man on the moon, Part Two is a lot more like colonizing the galaxy."
That phrasing reminds Musk fans that the real-life Tony Stark billionaire has already unveiled an ambitious plan to colonize Mars by using robotic spacecraft to ferry cargo along an interplanetary shipping route beginning in 2018.

When discussing the future of his space transportation company SpaceX, Musk declared it was important for mankind to expand to other planets in order to preserve the species in case of a disaster here on Earth.

Now, it appears Musk has taken it on himself to save our planet with the promise of renewable energy, according to Tesla's blog.
"The point of all this was, and remains, accelerating the advent of sustainable energy, so that we can imagine far into the future and life is still good."
When Elon Musk originally founded the electric car company Tesla, he admitted to the ambitious goal of converting the world's "mine-and-burn" economy to one based on sustainable energy.

Now, with the announcement of the second part of Tesla's master plan, Elon has claimed his lofty goals of producing a low-cost, high-volume car and providing cheap reliable solar power are nearing completion.

What do you think of Elon Musk's plan to save the world with sustainable Tesla technology?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Getty Images for Tesla]