‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 9: ‘The Orphanage’ [Video]

Scream has been warming its fans up with some “almost” kills, but not quite delivering on them. But in Episode 9, titled “The Orphanage,” the kills are about to come full circle, considering that most of this Scream season has had a serious lack of them.

For those Scream fans that tune in to MTV every week to see the slice and dice slasher action, but have been a bit disappointed, the wait may just be over. Since this is the penultimate episode for Season 2 of Scream, fans are about to see the action kick into high gear when the show starts delivering on its titular premise, according to TV Guide.

For those Scream fans who are wondering just why the killer has been targeting Audrey most of Season 2, but just now bringing Emma into the fold, then some of your questions are about to get answered. Not only is there going to be some revelations in Episode 9, but there could also be a full-on reveal. But this might also be the season where Scream introduces their flagship franchise standard of having two killers in the movie/show, which is what always took place in the Scream film franchise.

But enough about assumptions right now. What we really need to do is get ourselves caught up to where we are currently at in Season 2 of Scream. For those of you who have not seen Episode 8 of Scream, then this is the part of the article where we need to warn you that major SPOILERS are coming ahead. So if you have not watched that episode and do not want it spoiled for you, then you need to stop reading right now.

For those of you who are still with us, let’s recap where we are at right now on Season 2 of Scream. Although there were many things that took place in the last episode of Scream, we are only going to discuss the headliners that will affect what’s coming up next on the MTV series.

Emma is that classic Scream girl, or “final girl,” that always happens to be two steps behind the killer, but is always spared from the killer’s wrath. Maybe there is a method to his/her madness, but he/she always wants to save her death until the end. It happens time and time again on slasher movies, but this is not a movie, it’s a TV series.

Even though most of the heroines from the Scream franchise have survived to date, the Scream MTV series is looking to outdo its franchise predecessors. The back and forths between Noah, Zoe, and Brooke were what seemed to just be filler for the episode. But the examination of the two burnt bodies, the severed hand on Branson, and the sheriff’s son having a drawing of Branson handcuffed made for some interesting details to latch on to, but it still seems to lead nowhere without any extra evidence to back it up.

But the real meat of the Scream episode was when Emma attended the carnival with Kieran, which seemed to follow the formula of the original Scream franchise. First of all, you have a phone call from Kieran’s phone that shows his mouth duct taped. The killer leads Emma on a scavenger hunt inside the funhouse and the next thing you know, the cops surround a man who burst out in front of them donning the Brandon James killer mask, suit and all.

But pull the mask back and it’s Kieran with his mouth duct-taped. If any Scream fans out there thought that scene looked a little familiar, it’s because that was the practical formula that Billy Loomis used to make Sydney Prescott believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was not the killer.

So in the next episode of Scream, Audrey and Emma must close ranks when they figure out why the killer is targeting them. That could be difficult, considering Emma now knows why Piper came to town in the first place. Noah is also going to lose something, or someone, that is very important to him, which means Zoe could be a goner soon.

[Image via MTV]