National Playdough Day Is September 16, Don’t Celebrate By Eating Playdough

National Playdough Day is an actual thing, and I don’t want you to panic if you’re not ready for it … but it’s today, September 16.

Yes, not only is it National Playdough Day (or Play-Doh Day), but it’s also more than half over. Playdough (brand name spelled Play-Doh) is a common staple of childhood, one of the most inexpensive and inoffensive toys available to parents of small children — that is, until the neon colored varieties are walked into a carpet by tiny feet, leaving an almond-colored floor forever imbued with fluorescent green and orange footprints no matter how much Simple Green you douse it with.

National Playdough Day brings back the scent and yes, the salty-weird taste of the kindergarten mainstay, and who doesn’t have fond memories of molding the non-toxic substance forged from flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil into basically spaghetti, because that was the best, before smooshing it all into an amalgamous brown glob that was forever useless after the first time you played with it?

For National Playdough Day, Leigh Anne Cappello, vice president of marketing for Hasbro’s Preschool Brands commented:

“Every year we look forward to celebrating National PLAY-DOH Day. It’s a great opportunity to honor a brand that has held a special place in the hearts of millions of Americans … We are extremely thrilled to celebrate this year in particular as it is the 50th anniversary of the compound. What better day to honor the fact that, even in our high-tech world, kids still enjoy rolling out PLAY-DOH snakes, mixing colors and making PLAY-DOH animals.”

If you’re out of playdough, you can make your own with the recipe below. Do you have fond memories of Play-Doh for National Playdough Day?