Ted Cruz Should Be Commended For Not Endorsing Trump At The RNC, Isn’t Defending Your Wife A Conservative ‘Family Value?’ [Video]

Sen. Ted Cruz should be commended for not endorsing Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. The one-time contender against Trump explained that when the now-GOP nominee attacked Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, and his father, Rafael Cruz, that the agreement to endorse was abdicated. What’s more important, endorsing a candidate or standing up for your wife and dad? Family values, after all, are the mantra of the Republican party.

Cruz’s choice to not endorse Trump doesn’t mean that he would get my Independent vote, but it does mean that he deserves kudos for not bowing down to his former rival. Apparently, Cruz doesn’t believe that Donald will uphold the Constitution and defend the freedom of Americans. Cruz also called upon Americans, based on their conscience, to vote for the person who they believe would best do this.

Keep in mind that at one time, Trump said he would not keep the pledge to back the nominee either. Maybe he doesn’t remember this.

Initially, Cruz’s speech was well-received until near the end when it became apparent that the senator from Texas wasn’t going to endorse Trump. Not surprisingly, as the speech almost ended, Trump entered the Cleveland arena and gave a thumbs up; presumably, an unhappy response to Cruz’s non-endorsement.

Cruz was the Republican party’s runner-up, and during his speech, he only mentioned Trump’s name once, and that was to congratulate him on receiving the party’s nomination. Most of the speech was a discourse on conservative ideology.

Heidi Cruz, who was harassed by Trump supporters shouting, “Goldman Sachs!” had to be escorted out by security. She is employed by Goldman Sachs and chose not to respond to reporters’ questions on the anger displayed by the crowd, according to CNN.

“I don’t talk to the media, thanks.”

After all of Wednesday night’s drama, Ted Cruz remains firm in his resolve. On Friday morning, he spoke to the Texas RNC delegation and presented a summary of his reasons, per Politico.

“I am doing what millions of Americans are doing. I am watching and I am listening. The standard that I apply is, which candidate do I trust to defend the Constitution? I can tell you I am not voting for Hillary.”

It wasn’t so long ago when Trump, who is now officially the Republican presidential nominee, tweeted an unflattering photo of Heidi because Trump mistakenly believed that the Cruz political camp had posted a nearly nude photo of Melania. Later, Trump said he made a mistake by posting the pic because he learned that Cruz had nothing to do with the Melania pic.

Trump didn’t apologize. Around the same time, he made an outlandish allegation that Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Ted Cruz explained his opposition to those who “malign” his family. The senator also said, “Right and wrong matter.”

“I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family.”

Cruz added that he would not be a “servile puppy dog” for Trump, Politico also noted. To some, it looked as though Ted Cruz just couldn’t get over being beaten by Trump. However, two other former Republican presidential hopefuls, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, gave weak endorsements of Trump. Rubio’s was via video.

Ted Cruz must have surprised everyone at the RNC, who probably thought that he would give his blessing to Trump before thousands at the Quicken Loan Arena, and the millions who were watching via live stream, but it didn’t happen. Heidi Cruz is probably in awe of her husband; Senator Cruz, no doubt, is pleased with himself, and Rafael Cruz is probably one proud papa.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]