Today Is National Junk Food Day: What Are You Eating?

Today is National Junk Food Day, a holiday that is reserved for celebrating unhealthy eating habits and pigging out. National Junk Food Day is celebrated every July 21 and gets a lot of attention on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Those who want to engage in the social conversation surrounding National Junk Food Day can do so by using the hashtag #nationaljunkfoodday. While many people enjoy this day and abandon their diets and weight loss goals, others feel the observance is unhealthy and possibly dangerous. It is common to find many people arguing about the purpose and intent of National Junk Food Day. Some choose not to participate, while others indulge in every sweet, fattening, and fried goody they can get their mouths around.

What are you going to eat on National Junk Food Day?

America is known for high obesity rates, and many point out that every day in the U.S. seems like National Junk Food Day. Still, there are many out there who try to change their eating habits and replace junk food with healthier options. Is having a day to embrace unhealthy, sugar-laden, greasy, and fattening food really a good idea? CNET compiled a list of popular junk food trends that might give a hint as to what people are eating this National Junk Food Day. According to the report, s’mores are extremely popular right now.

Fans aren’t sure when Selena Gomez was photographed eating junk food, but according to the Twitterverse, she does it quite frequently. Here are some pics of Selena with Doritos, doughnuts, and other treats.

Some of the cutest posts being shared on National Junk Food Day include a series of pics of Doug the Pug, who has his own Twitter channel. Doug is featured in an In-N-Out burger hat while ordering fries and burgers, sheepishly peering over a dozen doughnuts and then reclining back with his tongue hanging out of his mouth while clutching the remains of the French fries. Clearly, Dough the Pug has stuffed himself silly, as many will likewise do on National Junk Food Day.

We’re not sure of the exact story behind Natty Daddy and the Cheetos, but we’re pretty sure you’re supposed to eat the junk food on National Junk Food Day, not bathe in it. That’s a lot of orange. Maybe he’ll glow after that treatment?

Those who are rejecting health food today don’t seem to feel guilty about it. Even though it’s National Junk Food Day, many healthy eating advocates are sharing pictures of ways to overcome temptation and stay on diets. Lots of people are rejecting all attempts to avoid eating junk food and are indulging at all costs. Will you indulge, or are you going to stick to your guns and avoid junk food today?

Those determined not to cave to peer pressure are offering words of hope, strength, and encouragement to each other. Here, someone is sharing a picture to remind others of the dangers of National Junk Food Day.

Junk food is extremely popular, and many believe it is highly addictive. While some people manage to eat junk food in moderation and incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle without issues, others eat a high-fat, high-sugar diet that consists primarily of junk food. Those who do so often suffer many negative health consequences. Some look for studies to show that junk food isn’t as unhealthy as people think. People are always looking for a secret ingredient or pill that will let them eat all the junk food they want without the negative side-effects.

Do you believe that junk foods like fast foods, sodas, candy, and chips lead to obesity? Do you think junk food is safe and even healthy if consumed in moderation? Are you going to splurge for National Junk Food Day?

[Image via Lightspring/Shutterstock]