Nissan Leaf Gets 367MPG, Even Though It Doesn’t Use Gas, Yeah We’re Confused Too

Last week the Chevy Volt shook up the auto industry by announcing a traveling consumption of 230MPG. That number has skyrocketed the car, which will be released in 2010 past the Toyota Prius and other hybrid vehicles in the industry. Now Nissan is promising even better MPG’s for the Nissan Leaf.

According to Toyota officials the Leaf can obtain an amazing 367 miles per gallon using nothing but an electric engine. Although I’m not sure how a car with no gas measures miles per gallon, the last time I checked 367 x 0 would be zero miles per gallon.

According to the New York Times, Tony Posawatz, vehicle line director for Chevy’s Volt recently pointed out that the MPG solution is “probably not the best measure of goodness” when looking at a car that uses absolutely no gas. Mr Posawatz further explained that they chose that solution because it’s “what people are accustomed to.”

Whether or not the car actually gets 367MPG isn’t what interests me, If they announce it can get that far on one battery charge then I’ll be interested. I figure it’s only a matter of weeks before we find out that the newest Prius gets 500mpg, offers solar powered seat warmers and runs on love and magic.