Louis Tomlinson Takes His Ex To Court Over Baby Freddie, Has A Run-In With A Paparazzo

Louis Tomlinson wants to spend more time with his son, according to E! Online. The One Direction singer has filed for joint custody of his 6-month-old son, Freddie Reign.

Louis Tomlinson doesn’t think it’s fair that his ex Briana Jungwirth raises their only child alone, which is why he wants to spend as much time with little Freddie as possible. What encouraged the One Direction singer to file for joint custody was that his time with Freddie has been inconsistent lately.

And now Louis Tomlinson wants to share 50/50 joint physical and legal custody with his ex. In his recent interview with Capital FM, the 24-year-old One Direction singer revealed how much he loves Freddie and how much being a parent has changed him.

Louis Tomlinson was even candid enough to talk about changing diapers.

“Have I changed a nappy? I’d actually probably changed about a hundred nappies before Freddie because I used to help out with my sister so I have changed his nappy, thank you!”

Louis Tomlinson also revealed what it’s like being away from Freddie while touring around the world. He said he was “still getting used to” the feeling of not being around his child. But he assured that he misses Freddie, adding that he now understands the essence of Father’s Day.

It appears that Louis Tomlinson indeed misses Freddie now that he has filed for joint custody. The One Direction singer celebrated this year’s Father’s Day (his first as a father, not just a son) by sharing a snap of him holding Freddie’s little hand.

In the caption to the photo, Louis Tomlinson wished happy Father’s Day to every “lucky lad” in the world who is someone’s father.

He also admitted that he “thoroughly” enjoyed his first annual holiday, adding, “I love you Freddie.”

Louis Tomlinson became a father in January following a romantic relationship with Briana Jungwirth last year. However, the two eventually broke up.

Apparently, Louis Tomlinson doesn’t like it when people ask him about a One Direction reunion, according to the Morning News USA. And when in addition to that he is being followed by the paparazzi, a beast is unleashed!

Louis Tomlinson was hanging out with his friend in Los Angeles when a paparazzo started trailing them around and annoying them with the question about a One Direction reunion. At one point, Tomlinson lost his temper and grabbed the paparazzo’s phone.

Louis Tomlinson didn’t touch the paparazzo, though. All he did was give the phone to a stranger sitting in a car before leaving the scene.

But the paparazzo was cool about it and all he said was, “Thanks Louis, have a good day.”

Shortly after the incident, Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to urge his followers to support a 6-year-old fan with Rett syndrome. Sharing a snap of himself and the girl, he called his fans for any donations they can spare for equipment.

It was Louis Tomlinson’s mother who organized the meeting between Louis and the 6-year-old girl named Georgia, who was diagnosed with Rett syndrome, which has a negative impact on the development of the brain.

Georgia’s mom, Katie, then shared in an interview with the Sun that Louis Tomlinson’s mother was kind enough to arrange the meeting in Manchester between her daughter and the pop star and his One Direction fellow members Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

“It was one of the happiest days of Georgia’s life, she is absolutely obsessed with One Direction she adores them. Since then Louis and his mom have stayed in touch and we just cannot thank them enough.”

[Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images]