‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Meza-Dodd Trashes Her Husband Michael, Divorce Back On?

Is Kelly Meza-Dodd headed for a divorce from husband Michael Dodd?

The couple filed for divorce back in 2012 but decided to remain together and work out their differences. Now, it appears as though a split is once again on the table.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed her husband in her latest Bravo blog. Is this a sign of trouble ahead?

“I understand Heather’s frustration with Terry’s work and travel schedule. For most of our married life, Michael was always working long hours and traveling internationally six to eight times a year for weeks at a time,” Dodd shared. “Now, however, he is always home and I wish he would go away somewhere. Heather should be careful what she wishes for.”

Dodd’s relationship with Michael has always been strained. According to Radar Online, Michael filed a restraining order against his wife back in 2014. The order was lifted the following year.

Michael also claims that Dodd often goes partying instead of taking care of their daughter. For her part, Dodd doesn’t think Michael offers enough support to the family and believes he is too controlling.

'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson Hits It Off With Kelly Meza-Dodd, But Can Her Friendship With Shannon Beador Be Saved? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Kelly Dodd has become quick friends with last season's villain Vicki Gunvalson. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Despite their multitude of issues, the couple still decided to salvage their marriage because going through with the divorce was too difficult.

“It was a nightmare,” Dodd explained. “It made me realize it was easier being with him and having my family together than being divorced. We don’t have a perfect marriage at all, but I’m going to suck it up like my parents did.”

If Dodd and Michael are headed for a split, then their divorce settlement could end up costing millions of dollars. According to Bustle, Michael is worth around $1.5 million, which is a lot of money though not nearly as much as some of her co-stars.

Michael was formerly an executive of LeapFrog Enterprises before his retirement. The couple has one daughter together, Jolie.

Of course, Dodd’s marital drama is yet another reason why she was a great casting decision for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

According to Wonder Wall, Season 11 is the first time Dodd has graced reality TV. Along with her role on the reality show, Dodd works as the COO of Kiss Me Mirrors.

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Prior to joining the show, Dodd created some controversy after her racist half-drunk rant surfaced on TMZ.

“I don’t like black guys. I don’t even know any black guys,” Dodd confessed to a cameraman, later adding that she was “married but available.”

After the incriminating video surfaced online, Dodd was quick to apologize to fans for her actions.

“I am truly embarrassed. There is no excuse for bad behavior or comments that offend anyone. That video does not represent who I really am and I apologize for acting irresponsibly,” she stated. “This is so stupid… of course, I’m not racist. I repeated the question they asked me and they asked me if I date black guys and I said I don’t know any black guys. I’m sick of people pulling the race card!! I’m Mexican and I don’t pull that crap!”

Despite the apology, some of Dodd’s co-stars were quick to condemn her actions, including Heather Dubrow.

According to Reality Tea, Dubrow slammed Dodd for making the remarks and hinted that they could never be friends.

“I think it’s safe to say that racism of any kind is not okay,” Dubrow shared. “I’m a mother of four children and I’m a human being – there’s no place. Anyone who uses racial slurs or has racism of any kind has no business in my life or anyone that I know’s life.”

Housewives fans tell us what you think! Will Kelly Meza-Dodd be the next victim of the reality TV divorce curse? Let us know in the comments below.

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