‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Tommie Lee Claims Police Brutality, They Claim She’s Not So Innocent

Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta recently shared her own story of police brutality. The reality star posted and then quickly deleted a few videos on Instagram from her own arrest in January 2016. Tommie showed off pictures of her injuries after the incident and received quite a bit of attention for sharing her own story on social media.

Of course, TMZ obtained a copy of the police report and it turns out that there is way more to the story. It turns out that Tommie may not have been so innocent after all. Even though Tommie continues to maintain her innocence, police involved in the incident say that not only did the LHHATL star resist arrest, but that she also tried to cover up her own crime.

When police pulled over the Jeep that Tommie Lee was inside, they said that there was a lot of movement inside the vehicle. That led them to believe that those inside were switching seats in order to avoid getting in trouble. They believed that Tommie was the driver even though she was now seated in the back of the vehicle and an unidentified man was now in the driver’s seat.

The police report states that Tommie was told to get out of the vehicle multiple times but refused to move from the back seat. That is when they claim that she was pulled from the back seat with force and ended up face down in the street.

Even though the man who was riding with Tommie eventually admitted that she was driving, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newcomer maintains that she is innocent. See what she had to say about the traffic stop on Instagram.

“When real life happens you can’t filter that I was a victim of police brutality Thursday two men drug me out the car an slammed me on the concrete for being a passenger,” Tommie wrote on Instagram. “Why we were stopped is still undetermined driving while black perhaps I was assaulted by male officers then of course sent straight to jail for being a passenger in Atl I don’t really speak on my business a lot on here but when I had to tell my lil homie #BB age 7 what happened to me it was embarrassing because I’m a lady an although I don’t live a normal life I didn’t deserve this an who knows if my three witnesses weren’t in the car how I would have been handled smfh!!! This shit probably won’t solve anything but then keeping quite won’t either!!!#policebrutality”

The initial Instagram post is months old, but just recently, Tommie posted a handful of videos of the arrest on social media in an attempt to garner more attention from the incident. The videos were quickly pulled down, but Reality Wives has a copy, so be sure to check it all out.

In the videos, it really did look like Tommie had been brutalized by officers who forcefully removed her from the car. As they explain it, though, she forgot to add the part about refusing the get out of the car when she was asked numerous times.

Ultimately, Tommie Lee was charged with driving under the influence, disorderly conduct and driving with an expired license. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was even accused of peeing on herself in the back of the police car. Of course, Tommie says that only happened because they wouldn’t let her use the bathroom.

[Image via Instagram]