‘Narcos’ Season 2 Trailer: Havoc Wreaks As DEA Hunts For Pablo Escobar In Netflix Show

The first trailer of Narcos Season 2 has been released by Netflix. The Narcos TV show depicts the real-life instances of the illustrious drug kingpins of the 1980s who were in conflict with law enforcement.

In this Netflix Originals TV series, Wagner Moura (Elite Squad) portrays Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) plays DEA agent Steve Murphy, and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) plays DEA agent Javier Peña. Carlos Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro created the Narcos TV show for Netflix.

A 30-second teaser of the Narcos Season 2, which Netflix released last month, showed Moura staring at the screen as three distinct dates flash by.

Earlier today, a two-minute long first Narcos Season 2 trailer was released by Netflix. The trailer shows Escobar, who broke out from the La Catedral prison, walking past the military and soon followed by some gritty action sequences.

In January, Robert Escobar, Pablo’s real brother, wrote a letter demanding $1 billion from Netflix and slammed the casting of Wagner Moura, a Brazilian, for the role of his Colombian brother Pablo, reported Newsweek.

Wagner Moura earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance as an Actor in a TV Series for portraying the Medellín Cartel lord.

While basking in that glory, Moura recently divulged the details about the imminent death of his character, Pablo, in the upcoming season.

narcos season 2 trailer shows hunt for escobar is on Wagner Moura returns to play the final chapter of Pablo Escobar in Season 2 of ‘Narcos.’ [Photo by Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix]Season 2 Spoilers
The 30-second teaser released last month showed two dates — December 1, 1949, the day Escobar was born, and December 2, 1993, the day he was gunned down. Needless to say, the latter date implies the direction the Narcos show is headed, the untimely demise of the nefarious drug lord.

President Gaviria ordered his special forces to kill Escobar and his men in the prison, as shown in the latter episodes of the first season. Escobar escaped from the La Catedral prison to save his life, but military and law enforcement forces initiated efforts to hunt him down.

In the first season, Escobar’s chronicles span over two decades, but in the upcoming season, the story covers his last 18 months. So expect some fast-paced sequences as the King of Cocaine will engage in a bloody and brutal conflict with law enforcement, the police, and the military.

Earlier this year, Eric Newman, one of the show producers, teased about taking the storyline forward, albeit without Pablo, reported Slash Film.

“There are any number of things that can happen after. We have not committed to one or the other. Obviously, there are a lot of other stories in this world that continue on beyond him. In some ways, for me, what they’ve done with Homeland after losing Damian Lewis after season three is sort of amazing. To tell you the truth, most of my thinking is about season two because we’re in the middle of it and I haven’t thought that much about where do we go from here.”

We can only hope that Narcos might continue since the producers put up a subtle reminder that the drug trafficking didn’t end with Escobar’s demise. While the new story arcs might be explored, Narcos‘ producers and creators are currently tight-lipped about all the possibilities that might follow after the end of Season 2.

The first season of Narcos was released last year in September. If you are yet to watch this drug drama, head to the Netflix website to stream all the episodes of the first season.

On September 2, all 10 episodes of Narcos Season 2 will premiere on Netflix. As we get closer to that date, the first trailer shows a glimpse of the action and drama to be expected in the second season of Narcos.

[Photo by Fredrick M. Brown/Getty Images]