Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Getting Married? Reports Claiming That She Called Off The Wedding ‘Not True’

Katie Holmes’ mysterious romance with Jamie Foxx continues to spark rumors about their future together.

Lately, reports hint the couple is preparing for a secret wedding. However, it also sounds as though they might be headed for a split. Are Holmes and Foxx really breaking up, or are they ready to exchange vows?

According to the International Business Times, Holmes called off the wedding after she caught Foxx hanging out with another woman. Foxx was photographed with a blonde woman in Miami.

Not only was Holmes’ surprised by the photos of her boyfriend with another woman, but she had no idea that her relationship would take a turn for the worse.

“Kate was shocked and blindsided,” an insider revealed. “She wasn’t expecting something like this to come out of the blue.”

Despite the mysterious sighting, the couple tried to work things out to get their relationship back on track.

Holmes and Foxx allegedly met up at a restaurant in Toronto to salvage their relationship. Although Foxx apologized for being seen with another woman, he assured Holmes that nothing romantic went down.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Not Engaged, But What About That Rumored Baby On The Way? [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty]
Jamie Foxx has not confirmed his relationship with Katie Holmes. [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty]

Did Holmes believe Foxx’s version of the story?

“He swore nothing happened, yet still begged Katie’s forgiveness, pleading with her not to end their relationship,” the insider noted. “Katie was totally devastated and incredibly hurt after seeing the photos of Jamie with that woman.”

The identity of the woman in question is unknown, but the sighting was enough for Holmes to call off the wedding, at least for now.

That being said, Gossip Cop has since debunked the rumors of the canceled ceremony. In fact, an insider told the outlet that there wasn’t a wedding to begin with, and the reports of Foxx being with another woman were “not true.”

According to Design & Trend, a rep of Foxx stated that the rumors are “completely untrue and totally fabricated.” At the same time, Katie Holmes’ rep shared that the actress “isn’t marrying anyone” at the moment, including the Django Unchained star.

This isn’t the first time Holmes has faced rumors about her dating life. According to the Morning Ledger, her relationship with Foxx was kept a huge secret for months before Claudia Jordan, a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, broke the news.

[Photo by Jeff Daly/Getty Images]

Although Jordan described Foxx as being “blissfully happy” with Holmes, she later denied their relationship was real and said she couldn’t confirm the actor was dating anyone.

“I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all,” she explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve never seen them together, he’s never told me he’s dating her.”

Naturally, most believe Jordan’s original comments were true and that the reality star was just backtracking to make up for the slip. Whatever the truth, Holmes and Foxx still haven’t officially confirmed their romance.

As far as the wedding rumors are concerned, reports about a secret wedding first surfaced after Holmes and Foxx were spotted wearing similar rings on their wedding fingers. The stars were seen wearing the bands at separate times and locations, but fans were quick to spot the similarity.

For now, it doesn’t sound as though the two stars are even engaged, let alone married.

Suri Cruise takes the stage with mom Katie Holmes.
Suri Cruise takes the stage with mom Katie Holmes. [Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]

Considering how secretive Holmes and Foxx are about their budding romance, it is difficult to tell what is going on behind the scenes. Hopefully, the stars will come out and discuss the true nature of their relationship before the rumor mill churns out more reports.

Until then, it is anyone’s guess what will happen between Holmes and her new boyfriend. Only time will tell if they eventually get married or if their romance fizzles out.

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