As UFO Approaches ISS, 'Nervous' NASA Astronaut Talks About 'Gospel' With Ground Control: 'Gospel' Was Code Word For 'Aliens,' Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have obtained a recording from the International Space Station (ISS) live stream that captures the bizarre moment that a "nervous astronaut" began "talking about the gospel" with ground control as he watched a strange UFO approaching the ISS.

"On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel," the astronaut appeared to say.

"We will pray for you up there. You have our prayers," ground control reportedly said.

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the astronaut's statement that he was looking "forward to this partnership with the gospel," could be coded language intended to inform ground control that he was about to meet a delegation of extraterrestrials and hold "exopolitical" treaty talks with them in space.

The alleged excerpt from the ISS live stream was first uploaded to YouTube on July 20, 2016, by the UFO blogger Scott C. Waring. In a post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog on July 21, Waring claimed that he recorded a conversation that took place on July 19, between an unnamed ISS astronaut and NASA ground control.

According to Waring, the appearance of the UFO on the ISS live video feed as the astronaut "preached the gospel" to ground control was significant and could not be a coincidence. But the alien hunter could only speculate on why the astronaut chose to talk about the gospel as he sighted a UFO approaching the ISS.

Waring drew the attention of viewers to the moment in the recording (2:15) that the astronaut said the word "gospel," and the moment that ground control replied to the astronaut, saying, "we will pray for you."

"You guys are in my prayers too," the astronaut replied.

"Very odd, [I have] never heard religious talk before from NASA or from astronauts."
Some enthusiasts suggested that the astronaut began talking about the gospel due to nervousness as he watched a mysterious UFO approaching the ISS. The astronaut may have found the alleged encounter with alien life and technology in space so overwhelming that he could only deal with the shock of the experience in terms of his religious or spiritual worldview.

While it is clear that the astronaut used the word "gospel" in his recorded comments, some viewers objected to Waring's use of the term "preaching" to describe the astronaut's vague comments in the video.

"Did I miss something? When was he preaching the Gospel in this video?"a viewer asked.

"At 2:15 into the video," Waring answered. "[The astronaut] says, 'On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel.'"

"I actually have earlier footage just minutes earlier of ground control saying, 'We will pray for you up there. You have our prayers,'" the alien hunter added.

"That's not preaching the 'Gospel' Scott; that's simply a personal comment to another individual," a viewer said. "If you listen and can't personally contribute to the conversation, you're eavesdropping and can easily take everything out of context as you have."

Anticipating that some skeptics would say that the UFO was, in fact, a NASA spacecraft that the crew of the ISS had been expecting, Waring pointed out that only the Dragon module was scheduled to dock with the ISS, and it was not expected to dock until the next day.

"Earlier in the recording they said that Dragon module will dock tomorrow with the space station, so we know this is not the Dragon module."
UFO hunter Tyler Glockner also uploaded a copy of the video to his Secureteam10 YouTube channel on July 21, 2016 (see below).
According to Glockner, the conversation between the ISS astronaut and ground control was very unusual.

"You can hear the astronaut speaking about God as a UFO appears, which is strange," Glockner commented. "Although it is not strange to think there may be astronauts who may be religious, but I think it would be uncommon due to the training and scientific knowledge they have."

Glockner also suggested that the astronaut's voice betrayed nervousness. As the astronaut talked about the "gospel" his voice sounded tense and anxious, Glockner claimed.

"I thought there was fear in this voice and it is strange... and I have never heard astronauts speaking live with ground control about religion."
The UFO hunter argued that when an astronaut with scientific training begins to talk about God in space, then it is possible that he has seen something that the rest of us don't know anything about.

The UFO appeared as the astronaut talked with ground control and as the ISS orbited away from the side of the Earth illuminated by sunlight. Glockner noted that the UFO had "strange characteristics." It exhibited an eerie bluish glow when it moved out of the sunlit area in space.

Glockner also drew attention to another mysterious UFO allegedly lurking in dark space in the vicinity of the ISS. The strange UFO, according to the alien hunter, was ring-shaped and appeared to have a highly reflective metallic surface.

The ISS live stream recording and its interpretation by Waring and Glockner sparked a debate in multiple UFO forums.

Some viewers argued that the astronaut used the word "gospel" as a "code word."

"Don't you think 'gospel' was code for what he was seeing?"

"It was a code word. 'I got this kids beach ball' could mean small round object."

"'Gospel' could be code word for Anunnaki."

Thus, the astronaut's statement that "On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel," could mean that he was preparing to meet aliens and hold talks with them in space.

The observation by some UFO enthusiasts that the astronaut's first statements did not seem to make any sense sparked speculation that he was either distracted due to nervousness or he was employing coded language that only ground control could understand.

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