Friendfeed and some unanswered questions

As summer slowly heads into fall so to will Friendfeed slowly disappear into the bowels of Facebook and for all the people who invested so much of their rime and energy into making Friendfeed the perfect acquisition target they are left with …. nothing. Even though Friendfeed is still around and people are still adding to its massive database of information that we have no idea of what will happen to, one has to wonder why we are even bothering.

It isn't like there is going to be any pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when the day comes and the door is finally closed on every Friendfeed room. Sure they announced the cool feature of users being able to design and save their own themes – but really who cares?

And what about the mess that they have made out of more than one bloggers Feedburner numbers when they got the bright idea to throw them out whack by adding in Friendfeed subscriber counts. Are they going to stay screwed up or will they return to the normal numbers that they should be?

What happens to the great effort put forth by people like Johnny Worthington and his crew of FFundercats podcasters? What will happen to all the promotional work they did to make Friendfeed what it became – an acquisition.

These aren't the kind of questions for early adopter's to worry about because like Robert Scoble they're already gone and unaffected by any repercussions. These are the questions being asked tough by people who are still there, making Friendfeed their home on the web. Except that home has been sold out from under them for $50 million (cash and stock) making a couple of rich guys a little richer.

P.T. Barnum is probably tipping his hat to them.