Amber Rose Displays New Look With Hair, Discusses Her Parent’s Race On Instagram

Amber Rose displays her beautiful new look with blonde hair to her 12 million fans on Instagram. The model and host of The Amber Rose Show is going to show the new haircut in the next episode, which features guest rapper, The Game.

The SlutWalk activist is also tired of fans arguing over her race. Her exotic looks confuse adoring fans, and she broke down her parent’s heritage as Black, Portuguese, Irish, and Italian. Her father is Italian and Irish, and her mother is Cape Verdean.

The model and TV host has discussed race in the past, as well as raising a black son in America.

Refinery 29 published an Amber Rose interview in which she is asked how she identifies.

“There was once a clip all over social media from an interview with [Hot 97] Rosenberg where he asked, ‘Do you consider yourself just a Black woman?’ And I said ‘No.’ People had so much to say, but there was so much more to that interview! I embrace everything that I am. Am I Black? Yes. Am I Irish? Yes. Am I Italian? Yes. I grew up very Italian, but I also grew up very Cape Verdean. I would never want one side of my family to feel like I chose a side, because I identify as all of those things. But I think how a person identifies is up to them! However you feel, that’s how you should identify.”

She states that her fans misconstrued her stating she is not black as a rejection of that identity. However, Amber Rose clarifies in the interview that she identifies with all parts of her heritage, including black.

The model burst on the scenes when she was dating the rap megastar, Kanye West, and she got attention for her unusual looks on the Hollywood red carpet.

She built a modeling career and successful businesses, including her own TV show. She fell in love with rapper Wiz Khalifa, and they have a son. One of Hip Hop’s favorite couples divorced after only one year of marriage, but the two stars frequently express love for each other as they raise their son.

The former couple reportedly celebrated their divorce together, and she has stated that she wouldn’t mind having another child with Wiz Khalifa.

The Amber Rose Show premiered on July 8th this year on VH1, and Refinery 29 reported on the debut episode.

“The show starts with a declaration: ‘Whatever your thing, we’ve got your front and your back,’ Rose says. She promises that viewers can get to know the real Amber Rose, talk about what is going on in the world, and get real about sex. She introduces her cast, such as they are, which include her security, her assistant, and ‘Brandon, Amber’s homie.'”

The show dives into segments related to entertainment, Hip Hop culture, sexuality, and other trending topics. The first guest on the show was French Montana, and she helped the rapper find a date.

The media attention surrounding police shooting black men made Amber Rose reflect and think about her son. In the long Instagram post, Amber Rose spoke from her heart, and she was full of love for her son.

“I woke up this morning to my beautiful son with such a heavy heart. I grabbed my baby and kissed him, hugged him, told him how beautiful his skin and hair is and let him know that one day he will be able to change the world and I will love him and accept him no matter what. I stayed off of social media all day today to spend every waking second of my day off with my boy and loved him up. Now that he’s warm in his bed it is so bittersweet that I have my baby next to me and other women are losing their babies left and right. I’m filled with such sadness. Alton and Philando were somebodies babies and they had babies themselves. Kiss ur babies tonight no matter how old they are and tell them you love them more then anything! Because at this rate we don’t know how much time we have left with them.”

The model was reacting to the recent police shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle, both of whom appear to have unjustly been shot by the police pending investigation.

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[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]