One Of ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo’s Guys Returns After Fantasy Suite Dates, Creates Drama During Rose Ceremony [Spoilers]

Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher heads to the overnight dates with her final three guys on Monday night, a must-see episode that will include a dramatic exit during a Fantasy Suite date and the return of one of her suitors during the rose ceremony.

According to ABC, the overnight dates (Episode 9) will air on Monday, July 25 followed by a second night of Bachelorette goodness on Tuesday night when the Men Tell All airs on Tuesday, July 26 at 8 p.m. ET.

bachelorette jojo's final four guys Luke, Robby, Jordan, and Chase [Image via ABC Television Network]Last week, fans were left with a cliffhanger during the hometown dates rose ceremony. Before JoJo’s final three guys head to Thailand for the overnights, JoJo will send one guy home and, of course, there will be tears.

Here’s what fans can expect on Monday night’s episode including who is eliminated at the hometown dates rose ceremony, who JoJo’s final three guys are, and who walks out of the Fantasy Suite in a huff.

And the guy who returns to create some drama at the overnight dates rose ceremony? Get the scoop on his appearance below along with some intel on the final rose ceremony that airs August 1 on ABC.

[Warning: The Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers below]

Spoilers originally pointed to Chase McNary leaving after hometown dates, but Reality Steve now confirms that JoJo sends Luke Pell home and takes Jordan, Robby, and Chase to the overnight dates in Thailand.

According to People, JoJo is in tears when she eliminates Luke on Monday night, but fans who think he should have moved on to the overnight dates will be pleased to hear that Luke is rumored to be the network’s top pick to become the next Bachelor star.

Although it looks like the future is bright for Luke, even after suffering momentary heartbreak, things don’t go so well for Chase McNary. During JoJo’s hometown date with Chase, things finally heat up between the two, something that has been lacking this season.

chase and jojo bachelorette ovenright dates Chase McNary and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC Television Network]Their steamy make-out sessions in Chase’s hometown of Colorado were enough to convince JoJo to make him one of her final three guys, but is their connection strong enough to go the distance this season?

According to previous report from the Inquisitr, Chase gets extremely upset during his Fantasy Suite date with JoJo and it doesn’t end well. Although she agrees after dinner to take the key to the Fantasy Suite and spend the night with Chase, spoilers point to The Bachelorette changing her mind once they get behind closed doors.

“JoJo basically says she’s not feeling like she should, and she lets Chase go before they spend the night together. They don’t end on good terms. Basically, she’s upset and telling him essentially she didn’t mean to hurt him and that’s not her intention and he comes back with, ‘But that’s exactly what you did.'”

Reality Steve states that Chase “isn’t happy” when JoJo sends him home just minutes into their Fantasy Suite date, but he won’t be gone for long.

bachelorette jojo and chase mcnary JoJo and Chase in Thailand [Image via ABC Television Network]Chase reportedly returns during the rose ceremony, something that should force an eye roll or two from Jordan and Robby. However, he doesn’t return to ask for a second chance. Steve says that he apologizes to JoJo and wants to “clear the air” about how he reacted to getting dumped in the Fantasy Suite.

JoJo and Chase will come face-to-face during the Men Tell All special (July 26), and fans can expect to see them both rehash the Fantasy Suite drama when Chase is called up into the hot seat.

Watch the Bachelorette overnight dates episode on July 25 followed by the Men Tell All special at 8 p.m. ET on July 26. The three-hour season finale begins at 8 p.m. ET on August 1 and includes the live After the Final Rose special.

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