Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Mistress Writes Tell-All Book

Gordon Ramsay has always been a polarizing character, in and out of the kitchen, but his extra-marital relationship with “professional mistress” Sarah Symonds will continue to haunt Ramsay.

Now Symonds, who isn’t shy about going on talk shows, and sharing the most intimate details about herself and her relationships with married men, claims she is writing a tell-all about Gordon Ramsay, and dishing the dirt on Ramsay and his wife. Symonds’ new book will be called Memoirs of a Mistress: My Time With Britain’s Most Fiery Chef!

According to the Inquisitr, Gordon Ramsay is hardly the first celebrity chef with a mistress, as there has been a long-standing rumor that Bobby Flay not only had an affair behind his wife Stephanie March’s back, but that he fathered a child with actress January Jones. Jones has refused to name the father of her son, but Stephanie March insists that Flay is the father. But for now, nobody is writing a book about Bobby Flay, and so the only chef on the grill is Gordon Ramsay.

Radar Online is reporting that Sarah Symonds, the mistress of chef Gordon Ramsay, is reportedly publishing a tell-all book just as Ramsay is trying to make a comeback with a new television series. Symonds says that the book will be called Flash Gordon: My Time With Britain’s most fiery chef. Symonds admits that she is no longer involved with Ramsay, but she is planning to make bank on their time together, which was seven years.

And Symonds, who calls herself a “professional mistress,” says she will not hold back in terms of details about her sex life with Ramsay. According to Symonds, Ramsay often used poppers (alkyl nitrates) before their sexual encounters.

“He’s already a hyper person but it seemed like he wanted the added illusion of what poppers do. I didn’t think he needed them or saw the effect of them. They smelled disgusting – you inhale them. It smelled like nail polish remover to be honest. I just pretended to do them. He would travel with them sometimes and when he came to LA he would have them with him and he put in he fridge to keep them cool.”

Symonds says that Gordon Ramsay was not the bombastic loud mouth that people see today on television. Allegedly, he was “soft, sensitive, and caring.” Symonds claims that Gordon Ramsay’s success doomed their relationship, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Gordon Ramsay was already married.

According to Symonds, a change in Gordon Ramsay and his sexual appetite was what doomed their relationship. Ramsay allegedly wanted Symonds to get different drugs, and gather other women off of the internet for their sex romps. Symonds also alleges that Gordon Ramsay had an increase in drug use.

“I was starting to feel cheap and that if I couldn’t or wouldn’t provide him with all of this stuff, then he was no longer interested in me.”

Hollywood Gossip is reporting that Sarah Symonds is not only dishing the dirt about Gordon Ramsay, but she is taking on Ramsay’s wife, Tania Ramsay, and calling her a liar on the topic of a recent miscarriage. Symonds says the Tania Ramsay was never really pregnant, so she could not have suffered a miscarriage. Allegedly, Gordon Ramsay has a vasectomy some years ago, so a new pregnancy is impossible.

Symonds claims the whole lost pregnancy story was part of a Gordon Ramsay PR campaign to gain sympathy for Gordon and Tania Ramsay.

“I feel he was motivated to talk about his wife Tana’s ‘phantom’ pregnancy, and then losing the child, for its public relations value. I find it curious that his wife never showed a baby bump up through the fifth month, when he alleged she lost the child.”

Symonds has now gone so far as to demand that Gordon Ramsay and Tania Ramsay share their medical records publicly. Symonds says that if the records prove that Gordon Ramsay never had a vasectomy, then he indeed lied to her about that, and they had unsafe sex (for the record, whether or not Gordon Ramsay had a vasectomy, they had unsafe sex if a condom wasn’t used, as there was no protection against disease).

According to Symonds, if Gordon Ramsay had his vasectomy reversed, people would have known, because Ramsay is prone to blabbing everything about his personal life.

“Gordon blabs about just about everything in his personal life, so why wouldn’t he talk about having had a vasectomy and then getting it reversed? Gordon told me in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t have any more kids because of the vasectomy he’d had.”

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tania have been married since 1996 and have four daughters. Gordon and Tania Ramsay are still together.

Do you think this tell-all book will hurt Gordon Ramsay, and do you think it will stop Gordon Ramsay from having a comeback?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]