Is Matt Damon Jealous Of Ben Affleck? ‘He Gives Himself The Best Roles’

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck gained recognition for their breakthrough film Good Will Hunting, which they co-wrote and starred in. The 1997 movie won several awards, including Best Screenplay, at the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. After two years, the duo reunited in the comedy film, Dogma — and that’s the last time they were seen together in a movie.

The 45-year-old actor and the 43-year-old filmmaker both made a name in Hollywood — with Damon bagging The Bourne film series and Affleck suiting up as Batman for DC Movies. It’s been 17 years since the two starred in a movie, and many fans are eager to see them reunite on the big screen.

The Oscar-winning actor showed interest in collaborating with his childhood friend, but he also revealed the reasons why it isn’t possible to work with him. According to Mirror, time is a factor for them since both are busy with their projects and they also have kids to look after.

Matt is married to Luciana Bozán Barroso and he has three daughters with her and a stepdaughter. Ben, on the other hand, is still doing his best in co-parenting his three children with Jennifer Garner. The two announced their breakup last year, but none has filed for a divorce yet.

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso [Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images]“I would love to write another script with Ben; I love Ben, I love his work, he’s been my buddy for 35 years. The big issue is time for us,” Matt said. “We have a company together so we work on a lot of projects together, but to try to carve out the time is really tough.”

Apart from the lack of time and bigger responsibilities, The Martian actor also revealed that he will star in his pal’s project if the Argo director would remain behind the camera, because he always gives the best roles to himself. Is Matt Damon jealous of Ben Affleck?

“I’d love to collaborate with him on anything, he’s brilliant. I’d love to be in one of his movies that he directs,” he said. “The problem there is that he just keeps giving himself the best roles, so until he stops doing that and maybe just directs, none of us can really work with him.”

Since Damon released the statement via Reddit’s A.M.A. (Ask Me Anything), then it is unclear if he is serious about what he said about Affleck or he was just joking. The Hollywood heartthrobs both grew up together and have been very supportive of each other, even through personal matters, so the star of Jason Bourne may be teasing his friend with his comment.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]Earlier this year, the Gone Girl actor was spotted hanging out with his pal after Jennifer Garner’s tell-all interview with Vanity Fair. The actress revealed that they broke up before the actor’s alleged affair with their former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, emerged.

“We had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny. She had nothing to do with our decision to divorce. She was not a part of the equation,” the actress clarified. “Bad judgment? Yes. It’s not great for your kids for [a nanny] to disappear from their lives.”

Her estranged husband may not have cheated on her, but Jen may have just confirmed that he had a relationship with their former nanny. According to E! News, Ben Affleck looked glum at the pre-Oscars party, which started out speculations that he was affected by what his wife said during the interview. Thankfully, his Matt Damon was there to cheer him up.

“They were very engaged with each other and looked very happy to be hanging out like old friends that didn’t skip a beat. Ben did not seem like he was in the party mode but Matt was smiling a lot,” an insider said. “He was more into just seeing Matt and catching up. When they first saw each other, they gave a man hug filled with love.”

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