Sorry ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans, This Bad Guy Has Just Joined ‘Supergirl’

After reporting yesterday that The Vampire Diaries was looking for a way to bring Kai back into the show, actor Chris Wood has now confirmed he will join the cast of Supergirl Season 2. He will join the cast as a series regular, but does that mean there’s no chance of him ever coming back to play Kai on the vampire show?

According to Design & Trend, the 28-year-old will play a surprise character, which has been kept completely quiet so far. Supergirl producers are refusing to share if he will be a good or bad guy. Considering his ability to play evil characters, could he become the next big bad of the show?

The Vampire Diaries fans will remember Wood for his role as Gemini witch Kai, who was introduced in Season 6. He was trapped in the prison world Bonnie and Damon found themselves in after the destruction of The Other Side. They helped him escape the prison world so he could merge with his twin sister Jo and become the leader of the Gemini coven.

In the end, he merged with Luke to still become the most powerful Gemini witch in existence. He didn’t stop with his plan to kill Jo and her twins, saying that he didn’t want another set of twins coming to destroy him.

There was talk about bringing Kai back to the show, despite his being decapitated in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 finale. This was after he had put Elena into a Sleeping Beauty coma, attaching her life to Bonnie’s. Is it possible to even consider bringing him back? The writers want to, and some fans would love to see Kai back in action, as he was the bad guy that fans loved to hate.

Now it doesn’t look likely. Not only has The Vampire Diaries’ showrunner Julie Plec admitted that she and the writers can’t find a plausible way to bring Kai back, but Wood has taken on a series regular position on Supergirl Season 2. He can’t be in two places at once, and Supergirl is filmed thousands of miles away from The Vampire Diaries.

Who will Wood play on Supergirl? All that is known is that he definitely won’t play Superman. Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf has been cast in that role. Ian Gomez has also taken the role of Snapper Carr, the now editor-in-chief at CatCo Magazine. Wood’s role will remain a surprise for now, but it does look like there is some room for a big bad.

tyler hoechlin and chris wood are both gonna be in season 2 of supergirl i’ve never been so blessed in my life

— nika (@buckyposey) July 21, 2016

Wood has made a home for himself with the CW. As well as The Vampire Diaries, he starred in Containment. With that show not getting renewed for Season 2, it opened the doors for The Vampire Diaries to get him back, if only they could find a way.

Supergirl just moved to the CW network for Season 2, after being dropped by parent network CBS. The show wasn’t doing well enough with the ratings, but it does make more sense to put it on the younger network, where three other superhero TV shows already do well. The production has also moved from L.A. to Vancouver, helping to keep the cost down and allowing for more crossovers with Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. The downside is that’s even farther away from Atlanta to drop into The Vampire Diaries.

It doesn’t mean the actor definitely can’t reprise the role of Kai. If small enough, he may be able to fit it into his busy schedule. Being a series regular in a show doesn’t necessarily mean being in every episode. There have been episodes of The Vampire Diaries without series regulars Zach Roerig, Kat Graham, and others, for example.

Wood’ character may be revealed at San Diego’s Comic Con this weekend. Supergirl will get to discuss Season 2 in its panel on Saturday July 23. Supergirl Season 2 will return on Monday, October 10, while The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will air on Friday, October 21.

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