Minnie Mouse Is Cheating On Mickey, And There Are Photos To Prove It

Minnie Mouse is cheating on Mickey Mouse, according to the Daily Mail. Images of Minnie making out with Goofy recently surfaced on the internet, which triggered jokes on social media, with many being disappointed to see Minnie’s infidelity.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are one of the world’s most famous couples and it doesn’t even matter they are cartoon characters created by Disney. Hilarious yet disappointing pictures of Minnie’s infidelity were taken by a Disney fan at Disney World Resort in Orlando.

In the photos, Minnie Mouse is seen kissing her husband’s best friend Goofy. And what can be possibly worse than catching your best friend making out with your girl? Well, Minnie thought it was worth the risk and now their relationship has huge issues.

After seeing the scandalous pics of Minnie Mouse’s infidelity, Disney fans took to social media to express their outrage over the photos taken by an eyewitness Flower Alfaro. In the series of photos, Mickey Mouse can also be seen in the shadows, seemingly oblivious to his wife’s infidelity.

Alfaro shared the photos via her Twitter account, writing in the caption that you can’t trust anyone these days. The tweet containing evidence of Minnie Mouse cheating on her husband has been retweeted over 54,000 times and received more than 68,000 likes.

You can't trust anyone now a day! pic.twitter.com/C82fnwDaUv

— Flower (@florrchata) July 10, 2016

In the first picture, Minnie Mouse and Goofy are photographed bumping their noses together, which in the world of Disney characters means kissing. In the second picture, Goofy has spotted the paparazzo and raises his huge finger to his mouth in a “keep silent” gesture.

And the last picture is the most tragic one: Mickey Mouse is seen standing in the shadows watching how his wife, Minnie Mouse, cheats on him. Although Mickey has his signature big smile across his face, one Twitter user noted that he is smiling on the outside, but “crying [him]self to death on the inside.”

Shortly after the photos went viral on social media, Disney fans offered their theories about Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s relationship, with many wondering why Minnie would want to ruin their seemingly happy romance. Becky Escalator even included a pun in her tweet, saying that Minnie was “Goofy.”

“So Mickey you said that you’re divorcing Minnie because she’s extremely silly? No, I told you she was f***ing Goofy!”

Other Disney fans even took it as far as saying that Minnie Mouse could be the mother of Goofy’s illegitimate child, Max, whose real mother has always been a mystery. And one Twitter user, Phillip DeFranco, went philosophical about it, worrying about the real people’s relationships.

“If Mickey and Minnie can’t do it, then none of us have a real shot!!!”

In other news, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will help Disney and Gap make a great clothing collaboration, according to Refinery29. The Disney characters will star in the collaboration between the cartoon company and the American clothing brand.

Gap promises Mickey- and Minnie-themed clothing will appear in their stores this October. The assortment of Mickey and Minnie Mouse clothes will include dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear. With prices ranging between $5 and $60, the Disney clothing will be a great idea for holiday gifts.

It looks like Disney has focused its reach on fashion lately, as this collaboration marks the third fashion collaboration the company announced in the past few months. Just last month, Disney launched its limited-edition Coach collection, and that same month, the company presented Snow White crossbody bags and other cool items.

However, Mickey- and Minnie Mouse-themed clothing will only retail in GapKids and babyGap, but the company could offer them in their adult stores as well.

[Photo by Khin Maung Win/AP Images]