Calvin Harris Glad About Taylor Swift Split Amid Kim Kardashian, Kanye West ‘Famous’ Feud

Calvin Harris is glad that the drama Taylor Swift brought upon herself didn’t go down while the couple was still dating, knowing that the music producer would have had to defend the singer even if he felt she may have been in the wrong.

Last week, Harris slammed the former country songstress for attempting to sabotage his career following the statement Swift’s team made claiming Taylor was the songwriter behind Calvin’s latest hit, “This Is What You Came For.”

According to reports, Calvin has been getting the impression that Taylor Swift is out to hurt him, especially now that he has achieved worldwide success again with the song that she penned prior to their breakup.

That same week, Taylor would go on to release a statement in reference to the leak Kim Kardashian put out on Snapchat, proving that Swift had given Kanye West the permission to make the reference about her in his “Famous” song.

At the time of the release, Taylor was very much in denial of having ever given the rapper her approval to be called any names in the song, but the video Kim would go on to post on social media would strongly beg to differ, leaving Swift’s fans stunned and puzzled.

Calvin Harris is reportedly convinced that the drama that has now erupted between Taylor, Kanye, and Kim must be getting to his ex-girlfriend, so much that he’s almost glad not to be around her anymore, knowing very well that the singer would be furious with the backlash she’s received.

“Calvin is relieved that all this Kanye West controversy didn’t happen when he was still with Taylor. He feels fortunate that he’s not involved in all the drama,” a source tells Hollywood Life, adding that Taylor would have most likely asked Calvin to defend her in the feud, putting Harris in an awkward position.

“He was always very protective over Taylor and having to deal with this mess would have been really stressful,” the source concluded by saying.

When Calvin Harris stated on Twitter that he won’t allow Taylor to sabotage his career the way she tried to do with Katy Perry, the “Rise” singer shared several animated gifs on her own page, indicating that she was siding with Harris in the feud, particularly because she was already aware that Taylor had tried to tarnish her career.

“Time. the ultimate truth teller,” Katy would go on to retweet, and the timing seemed rather interesting since the retweet came from a tweet she had posted in 2014. Fans are convinced that the initial tweet was about Taylor, to begin with, and by retweeting it, the message only made her point that much stronger. Katy has known all along that Taylor was up to something.

According to reports, Taylor plans on taking a break from social media, as she hopes that the drama that has surrounded her in recent weeks will eventually die out before she begins work on her forthcoming album later this year.

Since her response to Kim Kardashian for leaking the audio recording, as Entertainment Tonight reports, Taylor Swift has remained silent on her social media platforms, and fans shouldn’t expect her to comment on the matter any further.

What do you make of the drama concerning Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]