Tom Hiddleston Supports Girlfriend Taylor Swift In Midst Of Drama With Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Tom Hiddleston has Taylor Swift’s back. While the Thor actor has not yet spoken out in Swift’s defense following the release of a video which featured the singer on the phone with Kanye West, a source claims Hiddleston has been at Swift’s side as she attempts to get through the public scandal.

As Tom Hiddleston continues to film Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, the actor has reportedly been a huge support for Swift as she endures tough times.

“[Tom Hiddleston]’s very pragmatic about it all. He knows he has to be cool, calm and collected around Taylor to give her the support she needs,” a source told Hollywood Life on July 18. “It’s been a bumpy start to their relationship, but he’s trying to stay strong for her.”

Tom Hiddleston’s romance with Swift began last month and took the world by storm, mainly due to the fact that Swift had split from former boyfriend Calvin Harris just weeks prior. However, that didn’t stop the new couple from flaunting their affections for one another as they traveled the globe. In fact, Tom Hiddleston has been seen canoodling with Swift in several countries, including Italy, Australia, and the U.K. since their relationship began.

In addition to having to be a support for Swift during the fallout from her released phone call with West, Tom Hiddleston was also forced to deal with the drama surrounding her relationship issues with Harris, who called her out on Twitter days ago and claimed she had attempted to tear him down after their split.

According to a Hollywood Life report, Tom Hiddleston calmed the singer down and told her to stay out of it.

“She was hurt and angry that Calvin took it there, but she’s smart enough not to play into it,” an insider explained to Us Weekly, via Hollywood Life on July 20. “She did the only thing she could do and that was to be the bigger person and let it go.”

While Swift had written one of Harris’ songs under an alias, she confirmed she was the actual writer of the track after they split. However, according to Harris, Swift should focus on other things and her own happiness rather than trying to wreak havoc on his career.

Earlier this week, Tom Hiddleston and Swift faced rumors of a future split due to the ongoing drama surrounding the singer and her feuds with other celebrities. According to one report in particular, Tom Hiddleston was second guessing their relationship after being dragged into her current scandal with Kardashian and West. In addition to the #TaylorSwiftisOverParty becoming a top trend on Twitter, Tom Hiddleston received tons of hate messages and also many messages from fans who felt bad for the actor and his ties to the singer.

“With all the drama between Taylor, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, [Tom Hiddleston]’s thinking, ‘What the hell did I get myself into?'” an insider shared with Hollywood Life. “He’s never been a combative person, or in such a high-profile romance, so to be in the line of fire like he is, it’s a completely new feeling for him.”

Although Tom Hiddleston has confirmed his relationship with the singer during interviews, he has not yet said a thing about her drama with Harris or her ongoing troubles with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians trouble. Instead, Tom Hiddleston appears to be completely focused on filming Thor: Ragnarok and his career.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]