Chelsea Houska Asks Twitter For Help Regarding Baby Gender — Is Baby DeBoer A Boy?

Chelsea Houska has had an overwhelming few months. She has been planning her dream wedding while also dealing with everything else life throws her way. Houska and Cole DeBoer will be tying the knot this October in a private ceremony. The couple has opted to not allow MTV to film their ceremony despite an offer to pay for everything. Houska has been busy making arrangements and getting everything she needs in order before becoming Mrs. DeBoer. This has been a long time coming for the young mom, and no one is more excited than she is to finally walk down the aisle.

On top of planning a wedding, Chelsea Houska found out she is expecting another child. This will be the first for her soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. They had talked about having kids and wanting siblings for Aubree, but no one anticipated it would happen before they were married. Houska is thrilled to welcome another child into the family, and she is beginning to get curious about what her life will entail. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Chelsea Houska reached out to Twitter to help with guessing the gender of her unborn baby. It seems there is a method that can determine the sex of the baby by analyzing an early ultrasound photo. Houska shared the first official photo of baby DeBoer and according to the Ramzi Theory, the baby will be a little boy.

Last week, Chelsea Houska shared her pregnancy announcement on her social media accounts. The majority of comments were positive, wishing the couple well on their new endeavor. Of course, there were a few that commented about how Houska got pregnant again without being married. By the time they welcome their child in 2017, they will have been married for a few months. Cole DeBoer will be a first-time dad, but he has gotten plenty of practice by helping Houska with Aubree. This will be such a good thing for the entire family, and Aubree is excited to become a big sister once again. If baby DeBoer turns out to be a little boy, it will be the first brother for Aubree as she already as a sister from her father, Adam Lind.

Since Teen Mom 2 is currently filming, fans will get to see Chelsea walk through the early part of her pregnancy. This is something many are looking forward to, including several of her co-stars. Houska’s announcement was received in a very positive light, and that caused some drama. Jenelle Evans’ pregnancy was accidentally revealed, which caused a lot of negativity to be thrown her way. Instead of admitting she was pregnant and moving forward, Evans decided to throw shade at Houska. She was incredibly jealous that people were happy for Chelsea while they were throwing a lot of criticism her way.

It appears that Chelsea Houska plans to keep her fans updated with her pregnancy. She is being very open with everything that is going on, even revealing her due date is Valentine’s day. There is so much to do before the baby arrives and she is getting married in roughly two months. Houska and Cole DeBoer are going to make wonderful parents, which is another reason Jenelle Evans couldn’t even fake being happy for her co-star. They both work really hard to ensure everything is taken care of for Aubree when she needs it. Fans have been watching and waiting for more updates regarding the pregnancy but the ultrasound photo is the most recent thing shared. With everything going on, Chelsea Houska needs to remember to stop and take a breath because the next several months will change her life forever.

[Image via Twitter]