Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Wedding Canceled - Were They Ever Even Together?

So Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been rumored to be in a relationship that the two have been keeping under wraps for quite some time now. Though the actors themselves have never publicly confirmed a relationship, that hasn't stopped the hundreds upon hundreds of headlines and tabloid rumors suggesting so, even claiming that the two had become engaged.

Well there is a new report claiming that the two Hollywood stars were getting married, but the wedding has now been called off. That's right - apparently, these two have, in fact, been in a relationship this whole time and were even engaged and ready to become husband and wife. That is until Jamie Foxx stepped out in public holding the hand of another woman.

It looks like Katie Holmes canceled the wedding if the cover of Star Magazine is any indicator. The cover of this week's latest issue has Foxx clearly holding hands with a blonde in Miami last month - Katie is a brunette if you haven't been paying attention.

"Katie and Jamie: The Wedding Is Off!" is the headline and the magazine claims that Holmes was devastated when she found that her (supposed) fiance was out with another woman. Apparently, Jamie tried his best to apologize at a "secret meeting." According to a source, Foxx told Holmes that nothing happened between him and the unnamed blonde woman.

"Katie was totally devastated and incredibly hurt after seeing the photos of Jamie with that woman. He swore nothing happened, yet still begged Katie's forgiveness, pleading with her not to end their relationship."
All it took was a photograph to send this alleged relationship straight into the ground. The source went on to say that "Kate was shocked and blindsided. She wasn't expecting something like this to come out of the blue."

But Celebrity Dirty Laundry suggests that there were reports of Foxx and Holmes being broken up before June 23, the date in which Jamie was photographed with the blonde in Miami. In fact, just a couple of months ago, OK! magazine ran a story claiming that Foxx and Holmes were going to be married, but Foxx backed out at the last minute. So this definitely muddies up the water here.

But as far as these current wedding rumors? Gossip Cop claims they aren't true.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes didn't cancel their wedding, because the two were never engaged at all. According to Holmes' reps, the actress "isn't marrying anyone," and this whole story is "completely untrue and totally fabricated," says Foxx's reps.

The Jamie Foxx/Katie Holmes dating rumors were put to bed by the 48-year-old actor himself back in March of 2015. Actually, the actor took time to chit-chat with reporters or a bit, telling them that he was not romantically involved with Katie Holmes.

Jamie and Katie were simply working on an animation project from CSI creator Anthony Zuiker. The two were spotted hanging out together quite a bit, but it was just for work apparently. Zuiker's IMDb page, however, doesn't show any current or past animation project.

Much like the constant Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce rumors that have been making the rounds lately, this could just be a fabricated relationship that will continue to make the headlines. The rumors about Katie and Jamie have been floating around since 2013.

Real Housewives of Atlanta's Claudia Jordan was on the Allegedly podcast last month and claimed that Holmes was in a relationship with Jamie. That "confirmation," via E! News, suggested that Foxx was quite happy being with Katie. Apparently, they've been secretly hooking up for the past year and a half.

Maybe Jamie and Katie were briefly dating at one point and they broke it off. Maybe they were never together at all. E! News tells us, via multiple sources, Foxx and Holmes have been dating and have just been incredibly strategic in keeping their relationship away from the public eye.

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