Deanna Vicites: Hillary Clinton Delegate Shoots Husband, Is Jailed, Just Days Before DNC [Video]

In the midst of the RNC, a Hillary Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate by the name of Deanna Vicites is making some troubling news of her own. According to reports, Vicites, an “at-large,” Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting her husband in the throat. The incident took place Sunday, July 17, when the Clinton delegate reportedly shot her husband, Fayette County Commissioner Vincent Vicites, in a domestic dispute.

Deanna Vicites was a Hillary Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate from Pennsylvania; however, since the alleged shooting, WTAE News reports that she has resigned her position.

According to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton delegate Deanna Vicites will be replaced at the upcoming DNC by Curtis Jones, following her voluntary resignation.

Local media reports that the shooting incident involving Deanna Vicites and her husband took place in the early hours of Sunday morning, just after midnight. The Hillary Clinton-supporting Democratic delegate was arrested late Sunday night, and she was charged with attempted homicide and simple assault, among other things, after shooting her county commissioner husband in the throat. Reports also indicate that the delegate faces gun charges related to her illegally possessing a firearm.

Local DA Rich Bower confirmed to the media that despite initial claims by Deanna Vicites, the horrific shooting was definitely not accidental.


According to the Daily Mail, Democratic Party delegate Deanna Vicites initially claimed that she didn’t mean to shoot her husband. In fact, initial reports on the shooting indicated that Vicites told local law enforcement that the Sunday shooting at her Uniontown, Pennsylvania, home was an accident.

After being questioned for some time, however, Deanna Vicites changed her account of events and claimed that she had shot her husband in self defense. She told local law enforcement that at the time of the shooting (inferred by the Daily Mail to be alcohol-related), her husband had been actively choking her. Vicites went on to claim that her commissioner husband had been abusing her for a “long time.”

Even after admitting that she’d been the one to shoot her husband, Deanna Vicites continued to allegedly try to cover her tracks. The Clinton delegate reportedly told local law enforcement that she had the gun because she was trying to commit suicide. She alleged that her husband was trying to wrestle the weapon away from her for her own good when she accidentally shot him.


Apparently, when police initially responded to the shooting, Deanna Vicites’ husband confirmed her version of events. It wasn’t until investigators took a closer look at the shooting involving Deanna Vicites that they came to believe that she had deliberately shot her commissioner husband with an intent to kill him.

“This is absolutely not an accident. This is an intentional, reckless act.”

Fayette County Commissioner Vincent Vicites is reportedly still being cared for at a hospital in West Virginia. He is expected to survive the alleged attempt on his life.

According to Pennsylvania state troopers, the entire incident was brought to their attention when they were called to the home shared by the Hillary Clinton delegate and her commissioner husband. Reportedly, the initial call was made by Commissioner Vicites, and he told the 911 dispatcher that he had been shot.


The married couple, parents of two, reportedly share their home with a tenant who lives in their basement. He also called emergency services in the wake of the shooting. According to authorities, he made his 911 call after the husband of Deanna Vicites banged on his door begging for help in the early morning hours of July 17. After banging on his tenant’s door, Commissioner Vicites reportedly went back upstairs to the portion of his home he shared with Deanna Vicites. That’s when the downstairs tenant called the commissioner’s cell phone and heard Mr. Vicites shout to “call 911.” The plea was followed by the sound of a gunshot.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they reportedly found Mrs. Vicites lying outside of the front door of the home; the gun allegedly used in the shooting was found in the yard.

When Commissioner Vicites was later viewed by police at the hospital, he was incapable of speech but he did communicate in writing. He told authorities that he and his supporting wife had been drinking alcohol and arguing during the day leading up to the shooting. He said he’d fallen asleep in a chair at the couple’s home. Commissioner Vicites told police that Deanna Vicites shot him while walking past the chair.

Deanna Vicites is being held in the county jail on $250,000 bail; she is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on July 26.

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