MLB Trade Rumors: Yaisel Puig To Chicago White Sox?

Los Angeles Dodgers‘ slugger Yaisel Puig, 25 years old, may need a new home, and the Chicago White Sox might turn out to be his landing spot. Can the Dodgers and White Sox talk about a deal? Only time will tell. The White Sox have two pitchers that the Dodgers should be interested in as they look to shore up their chase for an MLB playoff berth.

We are less than two weeks away from the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. Baseball fans can expect a lot of comings and goings between now and then. Although most observers believe the movement could be minimal with so many teams bunched together, it could be the opposite. There could be a lot of activity that takes place among the buyers and sellers. Surprisingly enough, baseball fans should expect some wheeling and dealing with the teams in the middle of the pack. The Dodgers are at the top of the MLB wild card race, yet only 1 1/2 ahead. The White Sox are the team that is in the middle, at seven games back.


Both teams have a considerable need and can help each other out significantly as long as no one gets too greedy. One of the hot rumors that is out there is about the Chicago White Sox’s interest in Yaisel Puig. Curiously enough, the Dodgers need starting pitching, which is something that the White Sox have an abundance of.

The Dodgers are faced with the reality that Clayton Kershaw’s back may force him to miss the remainder of the season, according to Yahoo Sports. It is likely that any trade the Dodgers make prior to the trade deadline will be for a starter in the rotation. In order to get pitching, the Dodgers will have to let go of a talented player or good prospects.


Yaisel Puig is the perfect trade chip to get the Los Angeles Dodgers what they need. And now there is a report by Fox Sports that the Dodgers are open to the idea of trading him.

In the case of the Chicago White Sox, they need an identity. Sure, they have the pitching. Chris Sale is arguably one of the the top-five hurlers in baseball. Jose Quintana is not that far behind him. The White Sox will laugh off any overtures for Sale. The same might take place with a phone call regarding the availability of Quintana or the recently acquired James Shields, but an offer of Yaisel Puig may catch the attention of the White Sox.

Jose Quintana If the Chicago White Sox are interested in Yaisel Puig, Jose Quintana’s name will likely come up in any trade talks with the Los Angeles Dodgers. [Photo by Otto Gruel Jr/Getty Images]The White Sox trading James Shields for Yaisel Puig is a win-win for both teams. That is as long as the Dodgers are willing to eat some of the money on his deal that has three years left.

Shields, having pitched for the San Diego Padres, knows the National League West. He could be the stopgap the Dodgers need to help solidify their place in the standings. He has also pitched great as of late with an ERA under two.

If the White Sox are unsuccessful in their efforts to offer James Shields, they may be tempted to trade their second-best pitcher.


On the other hand, a deal including Jose Quintana with the White Sox just getting Puig in return would not be enough. But it is a start to an interesting trade conversation. Puig is by far the bigger name, but Quintana is the better player.

When top of the rotation level pitchers are available, the price is high for teams wanting to add them. As most MLB trade rumors go, one key player joins a team, as several young players are shipped out.

A similar approach must be taken by the White Sox. Jose Quintana is under a reasonable contract that will pay him for another three seasons. That is why the White Sox should reach out to the Dodgers and offer James Shields in a straight up trade proposal. If the Dodgers were to balk and ask for Quintana instead, the White Sox could request that a couple of prospects, along with Puig, be sent.

This helps the White Sox who need another bat in the lineup whom they can build around. The White Sox are not going to rebuild completely, but they would benefit from getting Yaisel Puig. Puig could become entrenched in the heart of the White Sox lineup, and help them gain ground in the wild card hunt.

As for the Dodgers, they remain on top of the wild card race in hopes that Clayton Kershaw can return prior to the MLB playoffs. Having a top of the rotation pitcher like Jose Quintana or a playoff veteran in James Shields could push the Dodgers further along without losing any ground.

Nothing is imminent between the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, but the White Sox have monitored Yaisel Puig’s status for a while.

Sometimes MLB trades take place with two teams in the middle, which are just looking to steady their ships. Each team has what the other needs. Could there be a match here with the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers?

[Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]