‘Love At First Kiss’ Participants Take An Unconventional Approach To Finding Love

Going on a blind date is difficult enough, but kissing someone you’ve just laid eyes on takes it to a whole new level. According to Variety, Love At First Kiss is a new dating series that doesn’t just break, but shatters normal boundaries. Two strangers, without any previous introductions, could find out if it is possible that one kiss can lead to true love. That is if they can even get to that first kiss.

Although unconventional, this is not the first time complete strangers have been filmed kissing; there are actually several videos (including a commercial) out there. For example, a video produced by VICE brings together 20 people in order to have them kiss. The couples spend a few minutes talking, then go in for the kiss. Some seem to be enjoying the experience, while others are obviously balking. A few even have the ability to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, so imagine how the person receiving the kiss must have felt.


A preview clip posted to the new Facebook page for Love At First Kiss shows some of the participants being rejected, which always hurts. Although rebuffed by a total stranger on the first try, they do get to try again and some do better the second time around. If either one of the Love At First Kiss participants happens to feel a connection, they can head for a two-minute speed date. If that’s successful, then the next step is a real date, where all bets are off.

Several couples on Love At First Kiss seem to find a connection, and instead of love at first sight, one participant stated that, “it all started with the first kiss.” Whether or not these budding relationships on Love at First Kiss can grow and flourish based off of that very first kiss remains to be seen.


The Futon Critic noted that there are unexpected outcomes at every turn. Love at First Kiss participants can expect to experience anything ranging from a very awkward smooch to more passionate, lip-locked moments. Some will quickly find themselves developing emotional as well as physical attractions, and Love at First Kiss viewers will discover just how far these singles that are eagerly looking for that love connection are willing to go.

There will be eight episodes of Love at First Kiss, and the premiere episode features Joanna, a realtor who has a rule of never kissing before a third date. She is willing to make an exception, and ends up making out with her date, Christian. Perhaps he is the one for her, and can help bring Joanna out of her shell.

Kaitlyn is particular about what she wants in a partner, but is willing to take the chance of kissing someone first. If all goes well for her on Love At First Kiss, then she can spend the time getting to know her kissing partner better in order to discover if a romantic spark is there.

Josh, 27, has never been kissed, so this will undoubtedly be a nerve-wracking but exciting encounter for him on Love At First Kiss. Hopefully, he won’t be rebuffed the first time around; that could be quite the devastating experience for anyone, and especially tough for someone who has never been in that situation before.

Warner Horizon Television is the studio behind The Voice as well as The Bachelor franchise, which also includes The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and After Paradise for ABC. In association with Next Entertainment, they are producing Love At First Kiss. Initially set to air on VH1, when the network passed on the series, TLC picked it up. Mike Fleiss, Martin Hilton, and Bennett Graebner are the executive producers.

What do you think? Will these singles find love that is sealed with a kiss, or will the experience be a total miss? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Love at First Kiss will premiere on Wednesday, August 3, at 10 p.m. on TLC.

[Image via Love At First Kiss/Facebook]