Selena Gomez: How Much Does It Take To Save Taylor Swift?

Plutarc Sicat

The Selena Gomez defense of BFF Taylor Swift on social media generated a publicity value of over a half a million dollars, based on an Adweek article. It's just what Taylor needs to start to recover from the big hit she took out of Kim Kardashian's recent release of Swift's phone conversation with Kanye West regarding the "Famous" single.

No wonder Taylor Swift was so grateful, as shown by a recent story from the Inquisitr. Selena's social media influence has been growing at an astronomical rate in the past six months. From an original value of over $200 million says Time, every Selena Gomez post on, say, Instagram where she is the reigning queen now carries more than double the weight that it used to carry. Gomez is the most followed and also the most liked personality on the Instagram sphere.

Still, Swift could have prevented the massive effect of the negative publicity, had she read the mind of Kanye West who accosted her on the MTV Awards stage back in 2009. West, the quintessential rapper and hustler, had a long-term plan in mind. It is simply to arrest the crest of popularity of the Taylor Swift brand by discrediting the singer and songwriter through whatever means necessary.

Kanye would later on apologize for his transgression on stage where he told Swift that the award she received should have gone to Beyoncé instead. But the damage was already done, and West knew that only too well. Taking the risk to go upstage in full view of millions of TV viewers was well worth it.

However, with the stellar success of Taylor's 1989 album, Kanye and the Kardashians have been set back in their plans by at least a decade. But they should still consider themselves lucky. At least, they did not go back to the Stone Age. Presently, their nemesis is worth $280 million, according to Forbes. In comparison, Kim Kardashian West is worth $51 million.

Time To Break estimates Kanye West's fortunes to be within the range of $147 million. Combined together, that will bring up the West-Kardashian net worth to $198 million which is not shabby, although the figure still puts Swift ahead by $82 million. And if we are to believe the rumor that West is flat broke as explained by Hollywood Life, then all the more does he need to bring his nemesis down like the Death Star to Star Wars rebels.

If anybody still has any doubts that this is a long-term Kardashian-West plan, please note that this protracted war has been going on for six years. And in the words of Kim Kardashian herself, prior to Sunday when she unleashed hell, she and Kanye are just getting started, according to People.

Selena Gomez's BFF got herself into this mess primarily through her indecisiveness and her inability to sense just how manipulative Kanye West can be. Besides, you never underestimate the desperateness of a person who is broke. However, Taylor is still Hollywood's most generous celebrity for four years, according to Daily Mail. And so it's only a matter of time before all those people she has helped in all these four years will come to her rescue, just as Selena has done recently.

Taylor Swift is not the only big shot who has been faced with a fall from grace, says E! News. Justin Bieber, a Selena Gomez ex, had been there, too, and look at where he is right now — most likely at a sold-out concert. Even Selena has had her own share of ups and downs, the worst of which is suffering from an incurable disease the cause of which remains a big unknown. And yet, Selena Gomez remains at the top of her game.