Gwen Stefani Says Gavin Rossdale ‘Stalked’ Her, God Hooked Her Up With Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani didn’t just talk about Blake Shelton and what’s going on in her first tour in seven years during her recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show; the “Misery” singer also dished about the two famous men she fell for before Blake came along.

As E! News reports, Gwen Stefani shared a few interesting details about her past loves during her chat with Howard Stern. She revealed that she was “obsessed” with bandmate Tony Kanal, the ex-boyfriend who inspired “Don’t Speak,” No Doubt’s breakup ballad that became a breakout hit. It’s been over two decades since their split, but Gwen says she still feels the pain of being dumped by Tony whenever she performs the song. It’s currently part of her This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour setlist, so she’ll be singing it quite a bit during the next few months.

“It’s still weird. Even last night when I sang the song it’s still weird,” Stefani confessed. “I just rolled my eyes and walked away [like] really? You’re still feeling that?”

According to Rolling Stone‘s in-depth 1997 profile of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani admitted that it was so hard for her to get over Tony Kanal that she used to “make” him kiss her to get a small taste of what they once had. However, Gavin Rossdale soon came along and filled the hole Tony left in her heart. Gwen had been dating Gavin Rossdale for around two years when the Rolling Stone feature was published, and she was optimistic about her future with the British alt-rock star.

“I like him a lot, you know?” Gwen said. “So why should I hide it? And I hope it works out. But I’m a hopeful girl. How do you think I stayed in the band for 10 years?”

Three years later, Gwen Stefani would tell Rolling Stone that it was getting more and more difficult to be that hopeful girl.

“We go in and out of being really in love and ‘Oh, my God, I’ve gotta get out of this thing.’ It’s the hardest, hardest relationship to be in. But we can’t help ourselves, so four years later we’re still trying to do it.”

Things did not work out, and Gwen Stefani eventually did get out of the on-again, off-again relationship. However, this didn’t happen until she and Gavin Rossdale were married. Gwen got three adorable kids out of her failed marriage to the Bush frontman, which allegedly ended because he cheated on her with one of their children’s nannies. Gwen describes going through her divorce as “hell,” but she would later see the split as a blessing when it helped her find a friend and future boyfriend in The Voice costar Blake Shelton. The “Came Here to Forget” singer just happened to be going through his divorce from Miranda Lambert at the same time Gwen was trying to pick up the pieces, and they bonded over their shared misery.

Perhaps Gwen didn’t mind talking about Gavin Rossdale during her Howard Stern interview because her relationship with Blake Shelton made doing so a little less painful. Gwen told Howard that she and Gavin first met not long after she and Tony broke up, and she jokingly accused her ex of stalking her.

“I was in quite a rebellious place because I was feeling really rejected…Somehow he got my phone number, and that was that. He stalked me, I think,” Gwen said. “I was only 26, and I only had the one relationship. I still lived at home when I met Gavin.”

According to Hollywood Life, Gavin Rossdale admitted that he “threw a party in New Orleans just as an excuse to hang out with [Gwen],” and he said that their first night together involved a lot of urine.

“We had our first kiss that night, just walking around, being careful to step over the puddles of pee,” Gavin told Details of how their romance began on that fateful night in 1995.

Reflecting on how “unlucky in love” she’s been actually made Gwen Stefani cry during her Howard Stern interview, but things took a happier turn when it was time to chat about Blake Shelton. Gwen told Howard she’s convinced that God played matchmaker for her and the country star. She hadn’t told anyone but her parents that she was going through a divorce last year when Blake Shelton informed her and the other coaches on The Voice that he had an important announcement to make. Gwen was shocked when Blake revealed that the demise of his own marriage was about to become a hot tabloid topic.

“I think I might of gone white. I was in shock because I felt like he was exposing me. I just couldn’t even wrap my head around it,” she told Howard Stern.

Blake’s revelation encouraged Gwen to open up to him about what she was going through, and their talk sparked a friendship that eventually evolved into a romance.

“Unbelievable that God would put us [together] at that moment, like at the same moment. His thing was going on since January and mine in February,” Gwen said.

Unfortunately for Shefani fans, Gwen Stefani refused to answer Howard Stern when he asked the “Simple Kind of Life” singer whether she’ll be slipping into another wedding dress to walk down the aisle with her cowboy.

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