Liverpool UFO: Black Unidentified Object Photographed Following Plane [Video]

A very interesting UFO photo was snapped over Liverpool, England, on July 18. The incident was submitted to MUFON and assigned case number 77784, and the submission included both a very compelling photograph of the Liverpool UFO as well as a detailed explanation of the sighting.

Interestingly enough, as Texas UFO Sightings reports, the UFO over Liverpool was seen trailing an airplane, and the photograph of the mysterious flying object was taken through the window of another plane.

According to the report of the incident, the Liverpool UFO was reported to be an unidentified black object, which was spotted following a known aircraft. After a few moments hovering near the airplane, the UFO reportedly “took off.”


The person who reported the Liverpool UFO to MUFON stated that a friend had told him about the incident and shared the photograph. The witness claimed to have first seen the known aircraft, a Beluga plane, flying overhead. Upon seeing the known plane, he noticed a big black UFO flying underneath and shockingly close to the plane.

“…it followed if for a few miles then shot off, this was on the Wirral peninsula between Ellesmere port and Liverpool.”

Also worth noting, the plane that was being tailed by the Liverpool UFO had reportedly been forced into an emergency landing just several months ago, reportedly due to an unspecified “incident.”

The July 18 Liverpool UFO sighting is just one of many that have been reported in the area this year. Back in April, and ironically also around the 18th of the month, another UFO sighting in the area received significant attention. As Express UK reports, the April Liverpool UFO sighting took place in the overnight hours, and it took the form of unexplained lights in the sky rather than an unidentified black craft.

While the April Liverpool UFO incident was much more widely seen (glowing lights in the night sky tend to be), it was dismissed by many locals as being nothing inexplicable at all. Some eyewitnesses quickly chalked that sighting up to the circus, which was reportedly in town at the time.

“It’s the circus – I drove past there about 9pm and the lights were beaming in the sky.”

The circus explanation is actually a very likely one; the April sighting was recorded at just around 9 p.m. local time.


While the April, 2016 sighting may have been nothing more than misidentified spotlights reflecting off of the dark clouds, it came just after the Liverpool area was deemed to be a “UFO hot spot,” reports the Liverpool Echo. According to the report, which was released in March, the Merseyside area (only 12 miles away from Liverpool proper) is home to the highest concentration of reported UFO sightings in the entire United Kingdom.

MUFON has recorded numerous reported UFO sightings in the Liverpool area, over a dozen in the year leading up to the “UFO hot spot” designation. In addition to an array of reported UFO sightings, many of the inexplicable lights (and craft) seen in the sky were caught on video or in still photographs.


The descriptions of the UFOs seen flying over Liverpool vary widely. Some are reported as being classic flying saucers. Other have been called “cigar shaped.” Still others, like the July Liverpool UFO sighting, are described as being “large black objects.”

Some Liverpool UFO sightings are easily explained away by skeptics, but others can’t be dismissed so easily.

It’s difficult to say whether the bizarre activity in the skies above Liverpool can be attributed to something otherworldly, some kind of secret government programs, or perhaps just a group of extraordinarily interested citizens who pay close attention to the sky above.

Whatever the cause of the seemingly heightened activity in the Liverpool area, many of the incidents reported (and sometimes recorded) by eyewitnesses go forever unexplained. Indeed, no one has been able to come up with a rational explanation for the July 18 Liverpool UFO.

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