‘Big Brother 18’ News: Cody Calafiore Speaks Out, Says He Warned Paulie About Showmances

So far, Paulie Calafiore is doing great on Big Brother 18. His brother Cody Calafiore was on the show before, so of course, he had some great advice for Paulie. Now he is speaking out and sharing that he warned him against showmances. Cody isn’t really happy about the way his brother is doing things in the house right now. Us Weekly got the chance to talk to Cody Calafiore and find out what he thinks of his brother’s game play and the things that he shared with him as well.

Cody is noticing that Paulie has been cuddling with Zakiyah. Cody is not a fan of what is going on at all, though. He thinks this could mess with Paulie’s game and doesn’t want that to happen to his brother. Cody shared the details about what he had to say to his brother.

“I absolutely warned him about showmances. I said no showmances ever! I don’t think he should be flirting more because he doesn’t want to play a similar game to mine because people might catch onto that, and it would cause houseguests to become suspicious.”

After that, Cody Calafiore went on to explain what he would say to his brother Paulie if he could talk to him. He shared the details.

“[If I could] I would warn him about how close he is getting with Zakiyah and that it is beginning to put a target on his back. But at this point, I feel like he is way too close to Zakiyah to pull away without hurting their relationship. So essentially I’d like to just give him a knock on the head and say, ‘Way to not listen, knuckle head!'” My brother is definitely more of a ladies man than I am.”

Obviously, Cody Calafiore knows what he was doing as he placed second in his season. It will be interesting to see if Paulie ends up getting sent home from Big Brother 18 because he got into a showmance, just like Cody told him not to do. James and Corey are the people that Cody thinks his brother Paulie should try to take to the end of the game with him. The only issue he sees with these guys is that they both have crushes on people in the house. It is obvious Cody doesn’t think a showmance is good for their game. Cody Calafiore does admit he was glad that Paulie shared that he was his brother right away.

Big Brother Network shared all about how James is warning Paulie as well that a showmance could be bad for his game. Da’Vonne actually told James that she was after the people in a showmance, but she doesn’t count him. If Paulie keeps up things like this, it could end up hurting his game and getting him sent home early. Paulie also knows that Da’Vonne is coming after him anyway. This would just give her one more reason to do it. It still does seem like Frank is a target, though. Cody Calafiore may be on to something not wanting his brother in a showmance.

Cody Calafiore fans started out the show this season wanting Paulie to do great. Now Paulie Calafiore has been able to win over the fans on his own as well. Hopefully, this showmance going on won’t end up destroying his entire game. Things are just starting to get really interesting in the Big Brother 18 house this season.

Do you agree with Cody Calafiore that his brother Paulie should avoid a showmance in the Big Brother 18 house? Do you think that Paulie could win it all? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 18 on CBS.

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