‘Neverwinter’ Out Now On PlayStation 4, Log In Now For A Free Cat Mount

Free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter is now available to download on PlayStation 4. After a brief head start period for purchasers, everyone is now able to start their adventures on the Sword Coast for free. Nine expansions, eight classes, and a plethora of content await heroes on the console. Since Neverwinter is a free-to-play game with optional purchases, PlayStation Plus is not required to play.

With the level cap currently at 70, players can complete campaigns, craft equipment, and delve into dungeons to earn experience to make their characters more powerful. Coordinated groups can tackle the game’s dungeons, players can meet up quickly for a skirmish, or those looking for a fight can queue for PvP. As mentioned on the PlayStation Blog, there are even large 25-player battles against notable characters like the dragon queen Tiamat. Neverwinter can be downloaded now via the PlayStation Store. The MMORPG is around 13 gigabytes in size.

Neverwinter Players will travel to jagged mountains, verdant forests, and other stunning locations in Neverwinter [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]To celebrate the launch on PlayStation 4, everyone that logs in to the game will receive a special tiger mount. This exclusive mount is only available on the PlayStation 4 and can be obtained by simply visiting the Rewards Claim Agent located at the top of the Protector’s Enclave. The Electric Tiger mount lets players move 50 percent faster, giving characters a welcome boost of speed early in the game. According to the official Neverwinter website, players need to complete the tutorial before picking up this fierce mount.

“Neverwinter is free to play for all PlayStation 4 players – PlayStation Plus is not required! This means that all nine expansions and eight classes are yours to explore. All you need to do is head to the PlayStation Store and download Neverwinter in order to begin your adventure.”

Although not required to play, those that are currently subscribed to PlayStation Plus can pick up a pack for free in the PlayStation Store. The Fashion and Emote Pack is free for PlayStation Plus members. This pack includes new fashion items to make a character look truly stylish in addition to a unique emote. Players can download the $6.99 pack for free if they are PlayStation Plus members by visiting the listing on the PlayStation Store.

Neverwinter Expect the occasional dragon in this Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]Additionally, players that link their Arc Games account to their PlayStation Network account will receive a free companion. Companions in Neverwinter are NPC allies that can aid players in battle. They earn experience just like the player and obtain access to more gear as they level up. The free companion for linking accounts together is a Renegade Illusionist who provides active bonuses of life steal and deflect rating. His powers include Expert Striker, Haunting Illusions, Master Striker, Mirror Image, and Phantom Bolt.

Optional purchases for Neverwinter include major packs with content like new races, individual offerings like mounts and companions, and game services. All of these purchases require Zen which can be bought from the PlayStation Store. Not to mention, Zen can essentially be earned in-game by refining and trading Astral Diamonds in the Currency Exchange system in Neverwinter. As the Inquisitr reported, players can earn Rough Astral Diamonds from dungeons, skirmishes, PvP, and more. Each day, players can refine a limited number of Rough Astral Diamonds, and with enough refined Astral Diamonds, players can exchange them with each other for Zen.


Not to mention, players looking to sample what the Zen Market in Neverwinter has to offer can pick up the First Time Buyer’s Pack. This special pack is unlocked by transferring 500 Zen, about $5, to an account and contains items that are bound to the account. The pack includes a War Dog Carrier that contains a canine companion, one Embroidered Bag of Holding, one Change Appearance Token Pack, one Retraining Token Pack, one Personal Greater Stone of Health, and five Preservation Wards.

Have you started your adventure in Neverwinter on PlayStation 4?

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]