Free Ring Under Car Windshield Wiper As A Kidnapping Lure? 19,000 Shares For Savannah Nguyen’s Facebook Post

The Facebook page of Savannah Nguyen is getting loads of attention on Wednesday, July 20. That’s because on Tuesday, July 19, Savannah published a warning about an incident that Nguyen said her mother experienced at the Fox River Mall, located in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Savannah wrote that her mother went to the Fox River Mall and parked at Macy’s. Upon leaving, Nguyen’s mother, who was alone, concentrated on her phone as she left the mall and walked toward her car. As soon as the woman got into her car, Savannah reports that a big white SUV with tinted windows arrived, parking directly next to her mom’s car.

The move by the white SUV apparently made the woman nervous, claimed Savannah, since the SUV could’ve parked in other empty spaces around the parking lot. Driving away, the mom noticed something banging on her car’s windshield. When the woman arrived at her home, she found the note and bag as seen in the below photo, claiming that a free ring from Kay Jewelers was in the bag, with the note misspelling the word jewelers.

free ring [Image via Savannah Nguyen]Savannah chalked the incident up to a scary attempt at a kidnapping that could’ve resulted in human trafficking. Nguyen claims whoever left the ring under her mother’s car windshield and was in the white SUV likely watched her mother since the time she’d gone into the mall and come back out.

The thought process is that Savannah’s mom could have paused to ponder the ring and note under her windshield, a move that might have given nefarious people time to kidnap her. Instead, Savannah wrote that her mother generally always gets in her car and quickly locks her doors — a habit Nguyen wrote that she was thankful her mom adopted.

kidnapping attempt [Image via Shutterstock]Meanwhile, Savannah used the incident to warn others about how to avoid being kidnapped under similar circumstances.

“I STRONGLY urge everyone to tell your loved ones about this scenario, whether it be your daughter, son, sister, brother, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or friends – and/or share this post and get the word out. This happened in broad daylight to my own mom (a forty something year old mother of four) in Appleton, WI, and could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Human trafficking and kidnapping is real, and not a topic to be taken lightly. You don’t think it will happen to you until it does. I stop by the mall by myself all of the time. After this situation, I would not recommend anybody go there by themselves, or go anywhere by themselves for that matter. Especially teenage girls. ALWAYS try to travel in groups, and ALWAYS stay alert in parking lots or public places, especially at night. Don’t look at your phone when you’re walking to your car, and if you don’t have pepper spray, hold your hand in a fist with your keys between your fingers, perpendicular to your bones, until you get into your vehicle.”

Nguyen’s Facebook post has grown so popular that it has appeared on Snopes, which as of this writing doesn’t call it false or true, but unproven.

Even the Grand Chute Police Department chimed in about the incident on their Facebook page, wherein they wrote that they don’t know where the ring came from, nor the person’s motive for placing the ring beneath the windshield.

Savannah updated her readers in the comments section of her viral Facebook post, which has been shared more than 19,000 times on Facebook alone. Nguyen wrote that her mother reported the event to the police and claims that she wasn’t taken seriously.

Nguyen also wrote that she made sure the incident wasn’t some strange kind of viral marketing attempt by a company.

[Image via Shutterstock]