Octomom Backs Out Of New Home Deal, Blames Realtor

Octomom has refused to move into a new Palmdale home with her 14 children. According to Nadya Suleman, she won’t move into the house she secured because realtors allegedly wouldn’t allow her to see inside the home before escrow closed and her cash payment cleared.

Octomom had paid eight months worth of rent into an escrow account to pay for the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house; before the money was finished clearing escrow, she had only seen pics of the potential new home.

A source close to the deal tells TMZ that the realtor told Octomom she couldn’t see inside the house until the deal was closed. Allegedly the realtor in question gave no reason for the lack of access.

The same source says Octomom became so furious with the situation that she refused to allow her money to clear escrow. The realtor allegedly would also not allow Nadya to speak with the home’s landlord to schedule a visit.

Was it a shady deal for the Octomom house? Nadya Suleman seems to think it turned shady, hence her decision to pull the deal.

While that house may have slipped between the infamous mother’s fingers, she already has two other homeowners who have agreed to better above the board deals.

With porn money and stripping gigs helping pay the bills — gigs that probably won’t stand the test of time — Nadya should work quickly to secure a home while she has cash on hand.

Do you think Octomom overreacted to drum up more publicity, or is she just another victim of a shady real estate deal?