Marvelena Rady: 3-Year-Old Girl Went To Dentist, Then Rushed To Hospital And Dies — What Happened?

The parents of toddler Marvelena Rady are in shock and mourning this week after the 3-year-old little girl went in to a local dental clinic in San Ramon, California — and did not come out alive, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News.

While the specific procedure the Rady toddler was to undergo on Saturday, July 18, has not been made public, nor have the exact circumstances of her death, Marvelena is at least the third young child to die during a dental procedure in the past year.

Marvelena’s father, who is a native of Egypt according to his Facebook profile, posted a heartbreaking memorial in Arabic to his daughter on his page, saying in part, “God bless you, my daughter.”

Also in California’s East Bay, Caleb Sears passed away last year after he went to a dentist for a tooth extraction. The child was placed under general anesthesia, but she stopped breathing before the procedure was completed.

On March 29 of this year, in Austin, Texas, 14-month-old Daisy Lynn Torres went to Austin’s Children’s Dentistry to have two cavities filled, her parents told KXAN-TV in the city. But the dentist told them that the little girl needed work on four other teeth, as well.

Daisy Lynn was placed under general anesthesia which, according to an autopsy report, caused her death.

The following video news report from KPIX-TV in San Francisco, California, contains further details on the death of Marvelena Cady after undergoing anesthesia at a dentist’s office.

“We received a medical call, my officers, of a [3]-year-old female juvenile that was going through a dental procedure and had some complications,” KPIX News quoted one first responder as saying, about the call to the Dentalbliss clinic in San Ramon. “When we arrived here, San Ramon Fire was already on scene performing CPR.”

The station attempted to question the dentist who worked on Marvelena Rady, Dr. Cheri Amanda Dang, but reporters were told to call her attorney instead.


The little girl was rushed to San Ramon Valley Regional Center hospital, but it was too late. She was pronounced dead at the medical facility.

According to a 911 call placed sometime after 10 a.m. on Saturday, Marvelena stopped breathing during the procedure, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

According to the Chronicle report, no cause of death has been determined as of yet for the 3-year-old, and authorities did not confirm that she was placed under general anesthesia. But the Mercury News reported that she “did not wake up” from the procedure.

The dentist, Dr, Dang, holds licenses both for dental medicine and to administer anesthesia, the Mercury News reported.

Denton Carlson, a lieutenant with the San Ramon Police Department, told KTVU News that there were currently no indications of criminal wrongdoing on the part of the dentist or the Dentalbliss clinic. But KTVU also reported that when reporters tried to visit Dentalbliss on Tuesday, the clinic was closed.

The following video from KPIX contains details on proposed legislation in California to regulate how anesthesia is performed in dental offices there.

The legislation was inspired by the death of 6-year-old Caleb Sears last year in Albany, California, and is being promoted by his parents in conjunction with State Assemblyman Tony Thurmond.

The new law would require dentists to inform parents of the dangers associated with placing children under anesthesia, as well as to study whether children are adequately protected from those dangers — to prevent future deaths of children who simply go to the dentist, such as Caleb Sears or Marvelena Rady.

[Photo via Homam Rady/Facebook]