Duggar Divorce: Jessa Duggar Confirms Status Of Parents' Marriage

A Duggar divorce has been a hot topic for months. Rumors have bounced back and forth between Jim Bob and Michelle separating and Josh and Anna deciding to end their marriage. Of course, it was highly questionable because of the religion followed by the Duggar family.

Divorce was a word brought up often during Josh Duggar's infidelity, but it appears that the Duggar divorce rumors have been focused solely on the parental units for the last few weeks. No comments regarding the rumors have been made until now. With a less than stellar revelation, the mystery about whether or not Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are getting divorced has been solved.

Jim Bob Duggar celebrated his birthday yesterday. In true Duggar fashion, many of the children sent messages about their father that were posted on their family social media accounts. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jessa Duggar set the record straight on the Duggar divorce rumors. As it turns out, there will be no divorce for Jim Bob and Michelle.

She posted a shout-out to her dad with a picture of her parents looking incredibly happy and in love. Jessa didn't have to explain anything, and fans knew it was about the recent rumors regarding her parents' marriage. The fact that the couple will not be separating after so many years of marriage isn't shocking, but it is incredibly great news for fans who had hoped the gossip wasn't true.

The entire Duggar family has been through a lot in the last year. Rumors of a Duggar divorce were probably the easiest thing for the family to combat. It was discovered that Josh Duggar had done some questionable things when he was younger, which had been addressed with the local police and his parents. The police report was released last year and the severity of what he did to his sisters went public. This caused TLC to cancel 19 Kids & Counting, leaving the siblings without a television show.

A few months later, Josh Duggar was linked to an Ashley Madison account when the site was hacked. He admitted to his infidelity, and that is when the Duggar divorce rumors began. Anna was pressured by critics to leave Josh and make the choice to raise her children on her own. She ultimately decided to remain with her husband, keeping the idea of a divorce in the back of her mind.

Being linked to the Duggar family isn't easy, especially for the spouses of the sisters who were the victims of Josh's unwanted advances. Jessa Duggar has been vocal about her family's views on divorce and finally took the time to shoot down the rumors of a Duggar divorce in the works. She is one of the more modernized sisters, doing things more radically than many of the other children would. Jessa and Jill Duggar both scored a second season for their show on TLC, Jill & Jessa: Counting On. Fans enjoy following the siblings as they begin their journeys into building families of their own while sticking by their parents.

While the critics would love to see a Duggar divorce happen, it appears that isn't an option. Jim Bob and Michelle are not going to separate or divorce over what happened with their son. Anna Duggar has made up her mind to make her marriage work with Josh despite divorce being the easiest option available to her. It seems that the family is getting along great, and the siblings are already filming for the next season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. With the Duggar divorce rumors squashed, things should be more peaceful for the family.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]