Samsung Galaxy S III Goes After Apple iPhone 5 In New Print Ad

On September 19 the Apple iPhone 5 will officially enter the mobile market. In preparation for the iPhone 5 release Samsung has already begun attacking the new smartphone in a print ad.

In the ad the Samsung Galaxy S III is placed directly in the iPhone 5’s line of fire. Samsung lists features the devices have in common and follow that list with plenty of Galaxy S III add-ons.

The headline for the ad reads “It doesn’t take a genius” and then shows the iPhone five in dark black coloring with the display turned off. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S III is bright white with its high-definition display in full view.

Tech geeks will quickly notice that Samsung leaves off some of Apple’s newest iPhone 5 features such as improved camera functionality. Samsung also ignores PassBook and Apple’s new deep seated Facebook integration.

Samsung’s best list info might be its total brush off of the new Apple “Lightning” connector which it simply lists as “a new plug.” The Lightning connector adapter recently came under fire for not supporting iPod Audio Out and Video capabilities on older third-party legacy systems.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to sell 30 million units by the end of the year and some analysts have predicted that the Apple iPhone 5 could sell 250 million units by the end of its lifecycle. If analyst predictions are correct the iPhone 5 could reach 58 million units sold by the end of 2012.

Here’s the official print ad:

Samsung iPhone 5 Print Ad

Do you think the iPhone 5 beats the Samsung Galaxy S III or has Samsung finally taken the lead?