Could Britney Spears Be Purposefully Delaying The Release Of The ‘Make Me’ Music Video?

There could be an interesting reason why, in spite of its massive radio play and potential as a full-on hit, we have yet to see the music video of Britney Spears’ newest single, “Make Me.” According to a report from BreatheHeavy, a celebrity news site that was once the biggest Spears’ news outlet on the web (it now features stories on all of the Hollywood elite), Spears herself could be to blame for the delay of its release — because it might be too sexy for television.

Rumored to be initially planned for an August release following a debut at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, “Make Me” was instead pushed out last Friday after several scenes from the completed music video began to leak online. Another 90-second section of the “Make Me” music video allegedly popped up on the internet this past weekend, which showed Spears wearing nothing but red glitter all over her body (a look that is said to be reminiscent of her sequined body suit from her performance at this year’s Billboard Music Awards) and grinding sensually against rapper G-Eazy, who collaborated with Britney on “Make Me.”

From the sounds of it, the “Make Me” music video seems to be relying heavily on sex, which makes sense given the nature of the tune. However, that might ironically be the very reason why it has yet to be released as Jordan Miller, writer and founder of BreatheHeavy, insinuated that Spears may be feeling that it’s way too obscene to be seen.

“You may recall during the Britney Jean era, [Spears] admitted to watering down the final version of the ‘Work B***h’ video because she felt it was too much.

“Oh my god, we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there,” she said at the time. “Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it’s just hard to play sexy mom while you’re being a pop star as well.”

If this was the case, then it wouldn’t even be the second time; the first being the aforementioned “Work B***h,” that Spears and her minders at “Britney, Inc.” have pulled such a move. The visual for the Britney Jean follow-up, “Perfume,” also was heavily trimmed from its original concept, so says its director, Joseph Khan.

In the original clip, a despondent Spears, playing a scorned woman in a torrid love triangle, was supposed to gun down both her lover and his girlfriend before turning the weapon upon herself. In the version that was ultimately released, however, all three parties end up alive and mostly well.

Surprisingly, these types of omissions have been rather prominent throughout Spears’ career. If the whispers about the “Make Me” music video being sliced and diced are true, then it will actually be the sixth music video that has gone through such an edit before being released to the public. The first, 1999’s “Born To Make You Happy” from Britney’s debut album, …Baby One More Time, originally featured a storyline that saw the then 18-year-old Spears wistfully dreaming about a lover who impregnated her. However, as reported by Buzzfeed, after news of the concept went public, it was immediately discarded.

No official word has been given from Spears or anyone in her camp about the release of the “Make Me” music video, but the singer did share a video on Instagram of her showing off a bit of a choreography she plans to show off to “Make Me” once her Las Vegas residency show, Piece of Me, kicks off again this August.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]