WWE News: Real Life Fight Breaks Out Backstage At ‘WWE SmackDown’ Taping

In the world of pro wrestling, tension can arise. These men and women see each other so often that they could be considered a family of sorts. However, family often does fight with one another and things can go from a simple issue into a major one within a couple seconds. Usually, real life fights are rare backstage with WWE.

You’ll see them arise here and there, but it is rare to see two men at each other’s throats over nothing in particular. Two men seemed to get into a scrap last night in Worcester, Massachusetts, backstage at the live WWE SmackDown taping.

According to Ringside News, Sin Cara and Simon Gotch apparently got into an altercation in catering. It is uncertain what caused the fight to happen just yet, as the fight came out of nowhere and few people are talking regarding it. What has gotten out is that Sin Cara won the real life fight handily, which hurt some of the credibility for Gotch with the locker room but not much else. It is uncertain if either man will be punished for the altercation, as WWE has not spoken out about the ordeal. Most think they won’t, and that this could end up being settled in what is known as “wrestler’s court.”

Simon Gotch [Image via WWE]The court normally is held with only talent where a veteran takes on the judge role while someone speaks on behalf of a talent. Normally the judge can be bribed, such as the case with The Undertaker when he was judge and someone bought him a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The good thing for both Simon Gotch and Sin Cara is that they were split up in the WWE Draft last night. Gotch and tag partner Aiden English will go to WWE SmackDown Live, while Sin Cara will go to WWE RAW. That said, they probably won’t run into each other a lot, and there very well could be no punishment handed down of major note. Both Cara and Gotch are lower mid-card wrestlers, which means a punishment for them would really not consist of much from WWE outside of not being on television at all. Obviously this is not helpful to either man, but it would really be all the company could do. Suspending them is still an option, but WWE kind of needs all the talent they have due to the recent brand split.

Interestingly, we should not see much out of this outside of the little discussed above. Fights happen all the time and unless someone presses charges or threatens to, such as the case of Alberto Del Rio and the racist social media worker, nothing really comes from it.

Red Sin Cara [Image via WWE]Del Rio was released for whole ordeal due to WWE having their hands tied over the legal matters. The social media worker was quietly let go a little down the line. Del Rio was told by Triple H that he would be hired back, but the whole thing had to blow over. Del Rio did not seem interested in returning and was frustrated with WWE at the time. He even went to court over his no compete clause and won out. Interestingly, a year later he comes back to the WWE with a bigger deal that he had before.

In the case of Sin Cara and Simon Gotch, no major injuries were suffered and no one seems to be pressing any sort of charge. One glaring problem is that this not the first real life fight backstage for Sin Cara, he has actually been in multiple. This means WWE may take action against Cara if anything else. Still though, most just take this as just two men disagreeing and settling it with violence. Interestingly, WWE kind of promotes this on television but in the back it is not seen as a good thing to do. Regardless, we probably won’t see as much out of it as one would imagine.

[Image via WWE]