James Bond Search: Spotlight On Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, And Aidan Turner

James Bond could be as big and as tall as the ideal bar bouncer if Chris Hemsworth has his way. The Thor actor just revealed to Daily Mail that he would very much want to be a part of the burgeoning 007 franchise. Although Hemsworth is very much aware that he will soon be busy on the set of Star Trek 4, the Ghostbusters actor nevertheless still threw his hat into the ring. With movie projects left and right — including Thor: Ragnarok — Hemsworth might as well be Superman.

Another matter that Chris is very much aware of is that Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki against his Thor, is also under consideration for the lucrative James Bond acting position. Craig was reportedly offered the staggering sum of $100 million to come back to the James Bond set, according to Market Watch — but to no avail. Only a few people are anticipating that the incumbent 007 will come back to the Barbara Broccoli negotiation table.

Believe it or not, Tom Hiddleston is one of these people, according to Yibada, which says that Taylor Swift's boyfriend believes that "Daniel Craig will do more James Bond films."

Maybe the 007 producers will present Craig with an offer he can't refuse? But take note, Market Watch has revealed that Craig would rather slash his wrists than play the role of the fictional British Secret Service agent again.

Anyway, another Yibada contention is that British actor and Poldark lead Aidan Turner is the new toast of the town: "The 33-year-old star is the new fan favorite to play the iconic spy."

Also, according to the same source, other strong contenders for the much-coveted James Bond role are Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, and Damian Lewis. Apparently, there is no shortage of applicants for the recently vacated 007 position.

As for Idris Elba of Pacific Rim fame, the actor says that no one has approached him yet about the James Bond role, according to E! News. This is sad news, says the source, stating the following.

"Idris Elba, being one of the most ubiquitous stars of 2016, has often been suggested as the best actor for the role. In fact, many of his peers—including Zoe Saldana and Matt Damon—have publicly voiced their desire to see him play James Bond."
In turn, Elba tells E! News the following: "I mean, look, I've said it a million of times: It's a great character and it's an honor to be asked, but it is just a rumor."
Even Chris Pine reportedly wants Elba to become the new James Bond. Apparently, other celebrities have their own respective notions of who would be the ideal Daniel Craig replacement. And to have both the Thor and Loki players thrown into the game is rather amusing. If one doesn't get the role, at least the other person has a chance. What are "brothers" for?
It could be what's going on in Chris Hemsworth's mind, but the fact is, he does look good in a suit, based on the Daily Mail article. However, from The Week's point of view, there are seven strong contenders for the James Bond role, as follows.
  1. Aidan Turner
  2. Jack Huston
  3. James Norton
  4. Tom Hiddleston
  5. Tom Hardy
  6. Damian Lewis
  7. Idris Elba
For now, let's call these 007 candidates The Lucky Seven Club, and wish them all the luck, along with Johnny-come-lately Chris Hemsworth. The James Bond franchise has been going on like the Energizer bunny for more than 50 years. So far, it has produced 25 different movies, with a total gross of over $7 billion worldwide according to The Numbers. It has also garnered four Academy Awards in addition to 14 additional nominations, according to E! News. Surely, this kind of history and record of achievement will demand a lot from the next James Bond player, so may the best man win.

[Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images]