‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Things Get Wild For Julian, Alexis Feels Torn, Carly Questions Dillon, And Morgan Surprises Kiki

Viewers will be treated to a jam-packed episode on Wednesday of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there is plenty of action on the way related to Julian and Alexis while Sabrina surprises Michael and Kristina visits Parker. There was a lot of chaos playing out on Cassadine Island during Tuesday’s episode, but this July 20 show will seemingly focus elsewhere.

Despite some concerns and an earlier fabricated pregnancy test, Alexis is not pregnant and she is anxious to work with Diane to see Julian behind bars. Just before Griffin released Julian, his health took a turn for the worse, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Julian will be seeing Carlos again as he fights to survive.

According to She Knows Soaps,Alexis will be hearing some unexpected expressions of love, and this surely takes place as she heads off to visit Julian. She will run into Sonny and he questions her about visiting her husband, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be left feeling torn when she hears these declarations of love. Is there a chance for Alexis and Julian to patch things up despite all that they have been through in recent months?

Morgan and Kiki are giving their relationship another try, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will set up a rendezvous in a room at the Metro Court for them. However, previews show her looking somewhat apprehensive about this. Is Morgan pushing things forward too quickly for her? She has decided to try to repair this relationship with Morgan, but Dillon is not ready to give up on her and she definitely still has feelings for him.

Carly has seen bits and pieces of the complicated Dillon, Kiki, and Morgan situation, and General Hospital spoilers note that she will confront Dillon about this during Wednesday’s episode. She wants to know what is going on between him and Kiki, and it sounds as if she may learn that he still has romantic feelings for Kiki. How much will Carly interfere in this situation as it plays out?

Kristina has gotten somewhat serious with Aaron, but Parker is in town and General Hospital spoilers detail that she just will not be able to stay away from her former professor. Kristina pays Parker a visit, and the professor looks stunned to see her former student. What will Kristina have to say to Parker during this visit?

Whatever transpires in this meeting may well pave the way for a difficult conversation between Kristina and Sonny soon. The latest preview teasing new General Hospital spoilers show Kristina and Sonny talking, and she challenges him to come out and ask her if she is gay. She has been torn between her feelings for Parker versus Aaron, and many fans have a hunch that Aaron will eventually be revealed to have a juicy connection to Port Charles. Which direction will she ultimately head in terms of romance?

Michael and Sabrina have been slowly reconnecting since her return to Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she shakes things up during Wednesday’s episode. He will learn that she has decided to move out of the Quartermaine mansion without telling him first, and it sounds as if he feels hurt over this. How will she respond?


The last that viewers saw of the drama on Cassadine Island, Nikolas had been shot and everybody else was still being held hostage. Will Nikolas survive the shooting? General Hospital spoilers tease that as this all plays out Sam will faint, and big moves will be made to topple Valentin.

Some worried fans are speculating that the character of Nikolas may end up being killed off in the midst of this, as the show has teased a death on the way and there has been no word as of yet of Tyler Christopher returning to the role. However, nothing concrete has emerged on this front as of yet.

Will Kiki stay with Morgan or does Dillon still have a shot? Who will Kristina choose to be with as she sorts through her conflicted feelings? What comes next for Julian and Alexis? General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty more action on the way and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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