Henry Rollins On Why He Isn’t Afraid Of The World, And What He Does In His Calvins

Henry Rollins has finally unveiled a Sydney date for his 18-date tour, according to Music Feeds. The musician previously hadn’t provided any information as to when his Aussie fans would get the opportunity to witness their favorite punk rocker and critical thinker share inspirational ideas on stage, but now he has finally announced that he will take the stage in Sydney on Saturday, September 3.

According to a statement released by Henry Rollins himself, his Sydney speech will take place as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in September. The venue is the place where leading “thinkers” and “culture creators” coming from various countries meet for just one weekend to participate in discussions about “the important ideas of our time,” Rollins said in the statement.

“As always, I am greatly looking forward to being back in beautiful Australia and am extremely excited about being on stage in the Sydney Opera House for the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.”

If any of Henry Rollins fans were wondering what their favorite musician does in his Calvins, well, the answer is finally here, according to Loud Wire. The musician has been featured in Calvin Klein’s Fall 2016 campaign.

Henry Rollins himself said he has done “quite a bit” in his Calvins underwear. So much he cannot even believe he is still alive, according to Rollins. After Calvin Klein’s photo shoots, every star has to take part in a Q&A chat, where they talk about inspirational ideas such as reaching your goals.

And while obviously, the idea behind Calvin Klein’s campaign is that you can’t reach any of your goals without underwear, Henry Rollins revealed that the most important thing to reach any of his goals has always been to “define” it.

“What’s the objective? Work backward from the goal, and start throwing out things that distract you from the goal.”

Rollins referred to his own example, saying that he had a goal to do more than 100 speaking dates in 20 countries, and he has already been to 14 countries this year.

And since Henry Rollins never has any notes during his speeches, which usually last for about two hours and 40 minutes, nor does he ever has a bottle of water beside him, it’s only himself and his brain.

“The way to achieve that is every meal has to be really good, the sleep has to be restorative. I get to the gym every day if possible because that gets my mind ready for the show.”

So basically Henry Rollins calls his every day “a funnel,” which starts with him being “wide,” and he “narrows in” as he gets closer to the time he goes on stage. And the only way to battle anxiety is “preparation,” Rollins recommends.

“Some people get nervous for auditions, I just hyper prepare. I can’t wait to go audition. I want to do it. That’s because I prepared.”

The singer and former Sons of Anarchy star also said that the secret to reaching success is staying sincere and honest and never doing anything halfway. And faking and lying is never a way out, as only complete sincerity and honesty that comes from proper preparation does the trick.

And another piece of advice from Henry Rollins is to be “brave” and “open-minded.” It would also help to have a passport and go see the world because the world is “your friend.”

“The world is like an enthusiastic dog in the first day of snow.”

But many people misinterpret the world, Henry Rollins complains, adding that there are lots of nice and generous people around the world. So nice and generous that you just “end up being humbled.”

“The guy with a t-shirt and a ball and a stick, he will give you half of what he has. When you meet these beautiful people all over, it’s hard to be afraid of the world.”

[Photo by AP Photo/Chris Pizzello]