NBA Rumors: Why The Chicago Bulls Could Go After DeMarcus Cousins

There’s a chance that the Chicago Bulls could go in hard after DeMarcus Cousins. Although nothing has been confirmed regarding the availability of the Sacramento Kings‘ All-Star center, many believe that Cousins can be had in the right trade, and for the right price. The Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics could all be in the running for the most talented big man in the NBA. Thanks to a few revelations, the Bulls have as good of a shot as any team currently monitoring DeMarcus Cousins’ name.

Rarely does a player with the once-in-a-generation type of talent become available in a trade. While no one on the Kings side has come out to say that DeMarcus Cousins can be had, it does not mean that general manager Vlade Divac is not taking phone calls. Divac is indeed listening to teams, as he should. And with the history Cousins has had while playing for the Kings, a divorce is bound to happen. The longer it takes for the split to become official, the messier things can get. Several teams are looking to cash in big by adding Cousins, who in the proper circumstances can be the missing item to a true title run.

Playing for the Sacramento Kings has somewhat made DeMarcus Cousins irrelevant. Going to a place where either the market is big, such as Chicago or Boston, or playing for a winner in Cleveland would change things. Cousins wants to be respected at the end of the day. Despite being a two-time All-Star, and now an Olympian, he still feels disrespected. DeMarcus Cousins says as much in an interview he did for The Vertical.

DeMarcus Cousins While the Sacramento Kings have not confirmed that they are entertaining offers for DeMarcus Cousins, he can be dealt to another team in the right trade. [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]Until Cousins is out of Sacramento and on another team, he may never receive the due which he deserves. What also hurts him is the fact that the emergence of the Golden State Warriors have altered the way several league general managers see the NBA game. A lot of teams are now seeking a faster paced style of play.

Because of this, traditional back-to-the-basket centers are somewhat becoming obsolete. What some teams have failed to realize with DeMarcus Cousins is that his game is well-rounded. He does suffer from fits of frustration at times, but that can be tied to losing as much as he has since joining the NBA.

Those frustrations have taken on their own lives. Even a simple comment from Cousins, “I’m doing my job” can be turned into something misunderstood.

“I’m trying to figure out what I said wrong. Of course, they’ve twisted it into something negative, in some type of way. I’m clueless. It’s to the point now, where I don’t want to say anything about any situation. Then I’ll be the bad guy about that as well. Anything I do. Anything I do, it’s … it’s whatever, man.”

The constant groans DeMarcus Cousins receives when he speaks suggest that it is time to move on from the Kings. Simply keeping him any longer can and will hurt the team and further tarnish his image.

Of the constants Cousins enjoyed last season, playing with Rajon Rondo was near the top.

“Rondo really made my job a lot easier, offensively. It’ll be a different look. But I’m confident in Darren Collison. We’ve done it before. I mean, it’ll be different. It’ll be another change, something I’ll have to adjust to for another season. I’m going to stay positive through it. Try to find the best in it.”

The big question is, will DeMarcus Cousins be with the Kings when the season starts. If he is, will he finish the year out with the Kings? If the Kings are wise, they would think about the chemistry inside the locker room and look to trade him. If and when that happens, expect the Chicago Bulls to vie for Cousins’ services.

Looking at their current roster, the Bulls are likely one-star player away from contending in the Eastern Conference. Adding a player of Cousins’ caliber may come at a price, but the Bulls may finally have someone who can meet those potential demands for DeMarcus Cousins.

With how the Kings conducted their order of business during the NBA Draft, by selecting two frontcourt players who can both play center, the reportedly “puzzled” (courtesy of ESPN) Cousins might be the odd man out. If so, let the bidding war begin.


The NBA Summer League in Las Vegas unveiled Bobby Portis as a potential force to be reckoned with. His steadiness, high motor, and rebounding was noticeable immediately. It was his extended range that quickly caught people’s eyes. Portis is clearly a player set to take the next leap forward, even possibly rendering the Bulls’ penciled-in starter Nikola Mirotic expendable.

The Bulls could dangle Mirotic and the newly acquired Robin Lopez in a trade for DeMarcus Cousins. Or they can use Portis as their prized trade chip. Cousins should be good as gone. Lopez is a solid starting center who will not cost a team any games. And Mirotic can play for a GM who understands what it is like to be a foreign-born player in the league. Adjusting to the NBA game and lifestyle has hampered Mirotic. His skill set would help the Kings play with more pace. Plus, the Kings has use for a stretch-4.

The other revelation for the Bulls is the play of Jerian Grant.

While Grant’s shot needs a little work, his upside and ability to direct a team is evident. Adding him to a deal could help both the Bulls and Kings.

There is some time before anything happens. One certainty is DeMarcus Cousins does not seem to long for playing with the Sacramento Kings. He can and should be on the move eventually. There will be a few teams which are expected to get involved on DeMarcus Cousins’ trade. It is likely the Chicago Bulls will be one of those teams.

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