‘Hillary Clinton Should Be Shot For Treason,’ Says Trump Adviser

New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasaro, who serves as adviser to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on veterans issues, suggested on Tuesday that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason over her alleged poor handling of the Benghazi, Libya terror attack in which four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. were killed.

According to Baldasaro, Clinton should be “put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

“I’m a veteran that went to Desert Shield, Desert Storm. I’m also a father who sent his son to war to Iraq,” Baldasaro said during an appearance on WRKO radio’s The Kuhner Report on Tuesday evening, according to the Boston Globe.

“Hillary Clinton to me is the Jane Fonda of the Vietnam. She is a disgrace,” he continued. “The lies that she told those mothers about their children that got killed over there in Benghazi. She dropped the ball on over 400 emails requesting back security. Something’s wrong there.”

Note: Jane Fonda is the anti-war actress who visited Hanoi in July 1972, during the Vietnam War, and was widely criticized after being photographed seated on an anti-aircraft gun.

“This whole thing disgusts me, Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

The Boston Globe also reports that he called Clinton a “piece of garbage.”

Baldasaro is a retired Marine first sergeant. He is an ardent supporter of Trump and has often berated the mainstream media for alleged unfair coverage of Trump.

When the Boston Globe asked him on Wednesday, during a telephone interview, if he stood by the comments he made on Tuesday evening, he reportedly said, “without a doubt.”

“When you take classified information on a server that deals with where our State Department, Special Forces, CIA, whatever in other countries, that’s a death sentence for those people if that information gets in the hands of other countries or the terrorists,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, that’s information for the enemy,” he continued. “In the military you are shot… firing squad. So I stand by what I said.”

“Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. I spoke my mind about how I feel. She’s not above the law.”

Politico reports that the U.S. Secret Service said it was investigating Baldasaro’s comments.

This not the first time that Al Baldasaro has made controversial statements. After Trump proposed “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” Baldasaro defended the candidate, according to MSNBC.

“What he’s saying is no different than the situation during World War II, when we put the Japanese in camps,” Baldasaro reportedly said.

He is the third Republican to have suggested violent action against Clinton since last week.

According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, a West Virginia Republican delegate also called for Clinton to be executed. Delegate Michael Folk (R-Berkeley) reportedly tweeted on Friday, July 15 that Clinton “should be tried for treason, murder, and crimes against the U.S. Constitution and then hung on the Mall in Washington, D.C.”

West Virginia Democratic Party Chairwoman Belinda Biafore reacted to the statement.

“The mention of hanging and implication of murder should never, ever be acceptable,” she said. “To think that a person in a leadership position in our state can say these types of things is baffling and should not be tolerated.”

The Newark Advocate also reported that during a meeting of board of commissioners, a Licking County, Ohio Commissioner Duane Flowers — a Republican — reacted to allegations against Melania Trump that she plagiarized Michelle Obama, saying he was disgusted people were criticizing Melania when Clinton should be “hanging from a tree.”

Also on Tuesday night, at the Republican National Convention, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie conducted a mock trial of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The delegates responded to Christie’s indictments of Clinton, chanting, “lock her up, lock her up,” according to CNN.

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP Images]