Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Called Off Their Wedding After He Was Spotted With A ‘Mystery Blonde’?

Have Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx called off their wedding? According to a new report, the actress and ex-wife of Tom Cruise has been dating Foxx for years, but after he was allegedly spotted with a “mystery blonde,” they are said to have canceled their plans to get married.

Earlier this month, Foxx was reportedly seen holding hands with another woman in Miami, Florida, which reportedly upset Katie Holmes.

“[Katie Holmes] was shocked and blindsided. She wasn’t expecting something like this to come out of the blue,” a magazine source claimed on July 20, according to Gossip Cop.

Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx “Wedding Off” Claim NOT True (EXCLUSIVE) https://t.co/3SJCdccCKS pic.twitter.com/mZN4BAnNUr

— Gossip Cop (@GossipCop) July 20, 2016

In addition to claims stating that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx recently met in Toronto for a “tense” meeting after the photos hit the web, the magazine went on to allege Katie Holmes was “totally devastated and incredibly hurt” by the photos of her rumored fiancé and his mystery lady.

“[Jamie Foxx] swore nothing happened, yet still begged Katie’s forgiveness, pleading with her not to end their relationship,” the source alleged. However, “[Katie Holmes] decided to press the pause button on their wedding plans.”

In response to the incorrect story by Star, both Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s reps spoke to Gossip Cop and confirmed the story was fabricated. Holmes’ rep told the outlet that the magazine report was “all lies,” while Foxx’s rep added that the story was “completely untrue and totally fabricated.”

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been linked to one another romantically since the summer of 2013 when they attended the same charity event in The Hamptons and were spotted dancing together at the event. Months later, they were allegedly caught spending time together in New York City. Still, as the rumors regarding their relationship continued, both Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx denied the reports, insisting they were nothing more than friends.

Although Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have continued to deny their romance, the rumors have pressed on, and oddly, a rumor claiming they had called off their wedding was also shared 2 months ago by OK! Magazine. Before Gossip Cop confirmed the report was false, a source claimed Katie Holmes “thought it would be lovely to make her and Jamie’s romance official before having a baby together,” but after Foxx allegedly “panicked,” the rumored nuptials were called off.

Foxx “thought it might be better to hold off on the wedding, at least until they’d settle into life with a new baby,” the magazine’s source claimed, but because Katie Holmes was so upset about the actor’s hesitancy to walk down the aisle, she decided to cancel the affair completely.

“It’s understandable [Katie Holmes] would start to feel insecure about the relationship. And she definitely wouldn’t want to raise another child on her own, as she’s been forced to do with Suri since she left Tom [Cruise],” the source claimed.

Following the report, Foxx’s rep called the story a “complete fabrication.”

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s romance continues to be a hot topic for the media due to their secrecy about their relationship. While the alleged couple has denied being involved, there has been photo and video evidence which appears to hint at otherwise. In addition to being caught holding hands in a studio, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been seen arm-in-arm at a party.

Foxx’s friend, Claudia Jordan, also appeared to confirm the romance just weeks ago before quickly changing her tune.

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