Mike Shouhed’s Ex Jessica Parido In New Relationship? Talks Another Girl Saying Hi To Her Babe

Is Jessica Parido, Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed’s ex, in a new relationship? On Tuesday, Jessica hinted that she is dating someone by putting up an Instagram post about her “bae” and “babe.”

Jessica posted a photo of herself giving a bit of a smirk while sitting in the passenger’s seat of a car. Jessica wrote that the look on her face is that of the fake smile you give when a girl you don’t know says hi to your “bae.” Jessica included the smirking face and the hand smack emojis in her comment, making it clear that she found the other woman’s communication with her “bae” not amusing. “Bae” is often used in social media as a shortened version of “babe” or to mean “before anyone else,” someone who means a lot to a person.

Jessica also made it clear that she wants her new guy to make it known that she’s with him. “Babe do WE know her??” Jessica seems to have asked her man.


Jessica Parido likely doesn’t want a repeat of what happened with Mike Shouhed, who cheated on her. On the last season of Shahs of Sunset, viewers watched them get engaged while skydiving. They got married on March 29, 2015, in Los Angeles. Guests included Mike’s co-stars Reza Farahan, Asa Soltan Rahmati, and Asifa Mirza. Yet the marriage was short-lived. In November, 2015, Jessica filed for divorce. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, she claimed that she found text messages between Mike and other women he cheated on her with throughout their marriage.

Despite what happened with Mike, Jessica’s remaining optimistic. Last week, she tweeted about being always being saved in the end by God and that she’s alive for a purpose.


She also posted a tweet that seemed to be directed at Mike. She expressed regret that she didn’t know then what she knows now. Jessica added that luckily for the man in question, she still has respect for his family.


Jessica even posted a quote about being authentic, which may have also been about Mike in regards to his lying.


Viewers have watched Mike’s marriage to Jessica deteriorate and end on the current fifth season. In earlier episodes, it was revealed that Jessica had moved out of the marital home and that they were going to marriage counseling. At first, Mike would only admit to being a neglectful and rude husband. Several times, Jessica hinted that there was more to what Mike did that caused her to leave the marriage but Mike wouldn’t admit to more. Finally, in the episode that showed Asa’s fashion show, Jessica outright accused Mike of cheating on her.

Mike at first continued to deny that he cheated on Jessica. He even outright said “no” when a producer, during a confessional interview, asked him if he cheated. Finally, during the cast’s vacation in Belize, a trip that Jessica declined, Mike admitted to Reza that he wronged Jessica. In a confessional interview, Mike admitted that he cheated on her.


The latest Shahs of Sunset episode that aired on Sunday night showed that Mike Shouhed’s attempts at winning Jessica Parido back weren’t working. In fact, it was revealed that Jessica was moving on with her life and had disconnected her number. Talking to Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Reza Farahan said that he found out through his cousin that Jessica was regularly going out with no ring on, dressed to impress and having fun. MJ suggested that they call Jessica. When MJ called Jessica, she heard a message stating that the number she dialed is not a working number. MJ said that she and Jessica had just texted the day prior. Reza tried calling on his phone, only to get the same result.

Presumably, Jessica didn’t give Mike her new number either. Reza gave his opinion that it was time for Mike to give up on trying to get Jessica back.

“I don’t think she’s coming back. I think he needs to start, like, figuring out his life post-Jessica.”

In Reza’s confessional interview, he said that his heart broke for Mike.

“She hasn’t come around. She didn’t come to Belize. She changed her number. She’s gone. And right now my heart just broke for Mike.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in a recent interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Mike Shouhed didn’t rule out a reconciliation with Jessica Parido. Yet he also didn’t rule out dating and marrying someone else if there really is no chance with Jessica.

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